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Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley shows off backside in bikini for hot girl summer

Anastasia Ashley
Anastasia Ashley gives a rear view in a bikini for a “HOT GRILL SUMMER.” Pic credit: © Bennight/AdMedia

Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley is showing off her athleticism and fit physique for a hot girl summer.

The 30-year-old surfer has been hitting the waves since she was about five years old and has enjoyed the watersport ever since.

As she gained popularity, she began picking up other work as well, including modeling and doing promotional campaigns on social media.

When she isn’t surfing the waves, she’s usually seen land surfing on her longboard, still staying active.

In her latest promo video, Anastasia revealed that she’s actually having a hot “GRILL” summer to promote Charleys Cheesesteaks.

Opening in a yellow bikini, Anastasia soon grabs a pair of daisy dukes and heads out on the longboard with her goods from Charleys.

Anastasia Ashley offers rear view in yellow bikini

The short video opens up with a camera filming Anastasia from behind as she walks toward the glass railing of a large balcony.

Shortly after, the camera cuts to different angles of the bikini as she poses before it cuts to her in the bikini top and jean shorts picking up food from Charleys.

She hits the beach with her delicious meal and drink, then the video loops and starts at the beginning, showing off the bikini again.

Anastasia’s one million followers left over 11,500 likes and 150 comments on the video, proving that a hot “grill” summer might be the new trend.

Anastasia Ashley wants to inspire more female athletes

Anastasia generally seems confident in her posts and is a skilled athlete, riding waves almost 40 feet tall and bringing home championship titles, but she knows that things can be hard for female athletes. One thing she aims to do is be a role model for young girls and women who want to pursue surfing and other athletics.

“I want to be out there and show you can be a strong, fearless, independent athlete and be a woman,” she told Refinery29.

She added, “Growing up, it wasn’t a cool thing to be a female athlete or a female surfer. It taught me to be strong and do what I love.”

Anastasia first began surfing as a young child at 5 or 6, and she knew she would be surfing for “the rest of her life” after she first tried it. “It gave me a feeling like nothing else in the world.”

She followed her dreams and has competed internationally, making a name for herself as a skilled athlete and model, and has definitely achieved role model status.

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