Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley pumps iron in skimpy swimwear to beat jet lag

A zoomed-in face shot of Anastasia Ashley.
Anastasia Ashley woke up early to work out in spandex. Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

A career as a professional surfer has kept Anastasia Ashley‘s body as fit as ever.

Although she seems to get a lot of her exercise in while she’s out in the ocean, that’s not the only type of workout she’s into.

She recently shared a video on her Instagram Story that highlighted a part of her indoor gym routine. Anastasia’s choice to focus on fitness has turned her into an athletic starlet to watch out for.

In her latest video, she was seen lifting heavy weights in a trendy matching gym fit.

Anastasia rocked a bright red sports bra and black spandex shorts with red stripes on the sides.

Her wavy ombre hair was pulled up in a ponytail, and she wore minimal makeup (if any at all).

Anastasia Ashley spends an early morning pumping iron

Since Anastasia’s video was filmed in the gym, she wasn’t wearing any jewelry. She did have a pair of wireless headphones on, though. Odds are, she was listening to a motivational playlist or podcast to make it through her set.

Anastasia Ashley in the gym
Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

As Anastasia lifted the weights, she added some squats into the mix to keep her body as toned as possible.

The playful caption on her video said, “Up and at em’! Gotta beat jet lag!”

Weightlifting is a great form of exercise, and it’s something Anastasia’s surely been keeping up with — even when she’s jet lagged.

Anastasia Ashley is the surfing goddess

As mentioned before, Anastasia also keeps up with her inspiring physique by using surfing as a form of exercise.

In an Instagram Reel she posted last month, she was wearing a cheeky one-piece that showed off her toned legs.

Her curves were easily seen in the white and pink floral pattern suit, which had a unique design from many other classic swimsuits. The front side of Anastasia’s body was covered up for the most part without any chest or stomach exposure.

The swimsuit was long-sleeved, which completely hid her arms’ exposure to the sun.

Although her arms were covered, Anastasia’s back was a different story with much more skin showing through the bathing suit’s cutout.

Instead of tying her hair up in a ponytail, she let it flow wildly and freely around her face as she hit the ocean waves in front of the cameras.

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