Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley does polar plunge

Anastasia Ashley face
Anastasia Ashley did a polar plunge. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Pro surfer Anastasia Ashley may be accustomed to the waters of her native California, but she took a walk on the wild side with amazing results.

The 35-year-old professional surfer took to social media to share a polar plunge video with her 1 million followers. Other athletes, like Alysha Newman, have done plunges of their own in recent weeks.

But instead of an ice bath like her Canadian colleague, Anastasia opted for the ocean.

Anastasia used her Instagram Stories to show her adventurous experience, starting with a red bikini and a puffy jacket.

As she wrote in text over the first part of the share, she loved a puffy jacket in warm or chilly weather.

Then, Anastasia removed her jacket and got down to business with the viral trend. Anastasia entered near-freezing water and returned to the camera to declare that her job was done. 

Anastasia Ashley in a red bikini and puffy jacket
Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

The beautiful athlete had wet hair and a smile on her face, appearing happy with the experience.

Anastasia Ashley stunned in a red bikini
Pic credit: @anastasiaashley/Instagram

Polar plunges are supposed to be thrilling because of the temperature shock to the body, but they also tend to raise money for various charities.

As for Anastasia, it just looked like she had a good time.

Anastasia Ashley supports Celsius

One brand that Anastasia has shown consistent love for is Celsius. Celsius has sponsored the surfing beauty, and she has done her job promoting the drinks.

Celsius energy drinks are incredibly popular with athletes and gym enthusiasts because of their high caffeine content and sugar-free formula. With 200 mg of caffeine in each serving, Celsius energy drinks provide more than a boost of energy.

Anastasia rocked a bikini in Florida while praising the energy drink in an Instagram post.

Her caption read, “Back feeling tropical feels in Florida w/ @celsiusofficial ? tropical vibe always #celsiusLiveFit #celsiusbrandpartner.”

It’s possible that Celsius helped fuel her fitness in another endorsement for workout equipment.

Anastasia Ashley promotes NordicTrack

In November, Anastasia shared a video that showed her brand new treadmill by NordicTrack. She posted a joint Instagram Reel with the brand, showing her getting her heart rate up with some cardio.

Anastasia’s treadmill lived up to its elite name, with a massive screen that played content at eye level.

Her caption read, “Thank you @nordictrack for my new Elite Treadmill. A DREAM #SPONSOR as this thing is AWESOME as I’m hooked on @ifit trainer series! MY goal going into 2023 is becoming a better runner?‍♀️as that’s my own personal goal. Shop the Black Friday sale now and get an EXTRA 25 dollars off the deals now with my code NTanastasia25.”

The athlete looked incredibly toned in a lime green spandex two-piece while touting the benefits of the iFit.

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