Pro surfer Alessa Holloway stuns in skimpy bedroom bikini

alessa holloway with a flower in her hair
Pro surfer Alessa Holloway looks gorgeous in a floral bikini. Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Alessa Holloway looks gorgeous in a tiny bikini as she goes into selfie mode for a recent share.

The professional surfer took to her Instagram Stories to post a mirror selfie showing off her toned physique and fabulous bikini.

Alessa was in her natural element as she rocked the attire fans have seen her wear when she hits the waves.

She posed in the mirror as she held her phone in one hand and placed the other hand in her hair.

Alessa’s phone covered her face, but her long mane was visible in the reflection shot.

The mirror frame was also beautiful with a disco ball-like design, featuring multiple small rectangular mirrors pieced together to create a gorgeous border.

Alessa Holloway, in floral bikini, takes mirror selfie

Alessa’s bikini top featured large orange, black, and yellow floral designs. The top had slight ruching on the bodice and spaghetti straps to keep it in place. She paired the piece with matching bottoms with yellow prominently featured in the floral designs and strings on each side.

Alessa pointed one toe and pivoted her hips to reveal bronzed skin, possibly due to hours under the sun surfing.

alessa holloway bikini
Pic credit: @alessaquizon/Instagram

Behind Alessa, there was a distinct door with the door frame painted entirely gold. There were also a pair of Gucci slides in green, white, and red. A hotel key sat in a holder by the door, revealing she was staying somewhere other than her home.

Alessa added a tag to the photo to inform fans and followers that her bikini was from Billabong. Those who follow Alessa know that she has been with Billabong for most of her life.

Billabong sponsored Alessa starting when she was 12 years old, and she hasn’t strayed from the brand.

Alessa Holloway talks about Billabong and following dreams

Alessa spoke to Teen Vogue about the lessons she learned as a surfer. She revealed that her sister was ten years older than her and had professional surfing dreams. Alessa followed in her sisters’ footsteps, and the move paid off big time.

The surfer shared, “One thing that was really tough for me growing up and wanting to be a professional surfer was managing it along with school.” However, Alessa managed to obtain her GED and learn life lessons along the way. She added, “Surfing has taught me that if you want something, you have to commit 100%.” 

Alessa expressed gratitude toward Billabong, saying, “They’ve given me the biggest opportunity to follow my dreams.”

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