Pro surfer Alana Blanchard is red hot for a trip to the sauna

Alana Blanchard in front of a sunset.
Alana Blanchard at the beach. Pic credit: @alanarblanchard/Instagram

Mom life and professional surfing are two things Alana Blanchard loves to focus on in life, based on the content she shares online and her chosen career path.

Taking care of her health is something else that she prioritizes due to the career path that she’s decided on for herself.

Not only is she a plant-based woman, but she also spends time in saunas to sweat it out before and after her workouts.

Sitting back to relax in any sauna provides a slew of health benefits including an increase in your metabolism, weight loss, better blood circulation, detoxification, and anti-aging.

Those who know what there is to know about saunas can easily understand why Alana looks as stunning as she does.

She shared a picture of herself spending quality time in a sauna, minus any actual clothing.

Alana Blanchard all smiles in the sauna

Alana posed for a quick selfie while sitting back in a sauna that was filled with a bright red light that took over the lens. In the picture, she wasn’t wearing clothing, but she did have a towel wrapped around her chest and stomach.

The only parts of her body that were easy to see were her upper chest, shoulders, and arms.

alana blanchard poses from inside a sauna on IG
Pic credit: @alanarblanchard/Instagram

She added a caption to the image that said, “So excited we have a sauna from the best @high_tech_health. They have one of the lowest EMF saunas out there.”

Alana appeared as relaxed as ever while sitting in the sauna with a smile on her face while she took in the experience. She certainly looked ready to heat things up!

Alana Blanchard is one with nature

In another gorgeous photo thread Alana shared on social media, she wore a green miniskirt that perfectly matched with the great outdoors in front of her.

The miniskirt was covered in a white floral print that resembled typical Hawaiian shirts people purchase before going on tropical vacations. The skirt was high-waisted, which meant it covered her lower belly and her lower back. It was also short enough to show off her thighs and calves.

Up top, Alana wore a blue crop top that resembled a cable-knit sports bra. She added a pair of light pink sneakers with thick white soles while perched upon an electric bike.

Alana stared into the distance in the pictures, showing a beautiful rainbow right in front of her. The rainbow was placed in front of green hills and a huge green patch of grass.

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