Pro surfer Alana Blanchard is keeping it in the family with land lessons

alana blanchard
Alana Blanchard eating a piece of fruit. Pic credit: @alanarblanchard/Instagram

One of the main reasons Alana Blanchard is in such great shape is the fact that she is a professional surfer who knows how to handle major waves.

Surfing might be a hobby to some, but for Alana, it is her full-on career… and she takes it seriously.

Whenever Alana is surfing in the ocean, she often wears trendy bikinis that show off her incredible figure.

In a recent picture she shared on Instagram, she rocked a two-toned bikini while giving her little one a surfing lesson on the sand.

Prior to that, she proved that her balance extends beyond surfing by standing on the backend of a boat and picking fruit from her backyard tree.

Once again, she wore something that was revealing enough to show off her toned physique in a jaw-dropping way while promoting a company she’s partnered with.

Alana Blanchard looked gorgeous during a surfing lesson

While Alana was teaching one of her kids how to balance on a little blue surfboard, she looked fabulous wearing a bikini that left little to the imagination.

The bikini top was a gray color made with triangle-shaped pieces of fabric. The bikini bottoms were a dark green color with straps over her hips that didn’t require any bowties.

alana blanchard IG Story slide
Pic credit: @alanarblanchard/Instagram

Her hair looked long and wild with its Ombre color pattern, starting with dark brown roots that led down to bleach-blonde tips. She had a smile on her face as she held the arms of her child in a gentle manner.

She attached a conversation box to the image with words that said, “Let’s chat [blue heart emoji].” The interactive box gave her fans a chance to ask her any burning questions or leave compliments.

Alana Blanchard loves Cariuma shoes

Alana posted a picture of herself balanced on the backend of a blue boat while pulling some avocados out of the branches of a backyard tree. In the picture, she wore a pair of high-waisted brown yoga pants that were covered in a vertical stripe pattern.

On top, she were a red string bikini top that hid her most intimate areas. It turns out that her shoes are what mattered the most in the photo thread, though.

She was wearing white sneakers from the Cariuma brand. On the sides, the shoes had black arrow designs printed on them. In her caption, she offered her followers 15% off if they used her name as a code while purchasing their own pairs.

Cariuma claims to be a shoe brand that allows ethics to meet aesthetics. One major benefit that comes from purchasing shoes from their company is that every pair of shoes sold equals two trees being planted somewhere on our planet.

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