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Pro surfer Alana Blanchard in tight bikini plays in Bali sand

pro surfer Alana Blanchard at the beach
Alana Blanchard has been enjoying a family trip to Bali. Pic credit: @alanablanchard/Instagram

Pro surfer Alana Blanchard has been enjoying a family trip to Bali and has been kind enough to share beautiful photos and videos of their adventures with her fans.

Among the gorgeous shares from the Hawaii native has been her latest set of photos featuring the 32-year-old in a tight green bikini for a romp in the Bali sand.

Blanchard loves the oceans and beaches, often giving her attention and energy to causes that preserve them including her partnership with Starborough Wine as they celebrate World Oceans Month and her love of Cariuma sneakers.

Alana Blanchard hits the beach for some fun in the sand

For her latest round of photos, Alana captioned the Instagram post, writing, “A afternoon in Bali💙” and crediting the gorgeous photos to Jake Zielinski.

In them, she wore a tight, emerald green thong bikini and knelt in the sand while looking out over the crashing waves of Bali.

A second photo showed Alana with her wavy hair loose as she looked down, her wedding ring visible and her body dotted with sand.

The third photo was the sweetest as the pro surfer mom leaned forward and planted a kiss on her son Banks, who is 4 years old.

Alana Blanchard supports causes that work to preserve oceans and beaches

As a native of Hawaii and a well-known professional surfer, it stands to reason why Alana Blanchard would work so hard to help save oceans and beaches around the world. After all, she calls them home and rides the waves as her job!

That’s why she took to Instagram just days ago to promote Starborough Wine, a popular product for pro surfers to get behind, including fellow surfer Anastasia Ashley. This particular wine brand is special because of its commitment to our oceans.

This year for World Oceans Month, Starborough Wine is using some of its profits to aid our dying reefs by dropping limestone reefs into the Gulf of Mexico to help protect the fish, corals and other plants and animals that live there.

Alana also reps a conscientious shoe company called Cariuma Surf, which makes some really cute shoes! Aside from being some good-looking sneakers, Cariuma is on a mission to rid the oceans, lakes, and rivers of plastic and each shoe purchase helps them to do just that.

Cariuma also boasts the lowest carbon footprint during production compared to any other shoe.

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