Pro golfer Hailey Rae Ostrom stuns with golf skills and attire

hailey rae ostrom instagram selfie shot
Golf star Hailey Rae Ostrom asked fans to judge her form and shot in a new video. Pic credit: @haileyostrom/Instagram

Professional golfer Hailey Rae Ostrom continues to captivate fans with her golf skills and eye-catching attire.

The 29-year-old social media sensation shared another stunning video of herself demonstrating her skills, this time rocking a tight green shirt. She paired that with a thigh-skimming white golf skirt, revealing her tanned and toned legs.

Ostrom wore tiny grey ankle socks with clean white sneakers, golf gloves, and in a sports throwback, had a Hartford Whalers baseball cap on her head.

The blonde beauty also kept more of her hair in a ponytail under her cap as she took a swing on a beautiful course. The song Calmness by MVTRIIIX was playing in the background.

She didn’t reveal the name of the course but got herself into position and swung her club before turning to the camera and flashing a big smile.

“Roast my swing let’s hear it #TeamHailey #ToeTap #Golf,” Ostrom said in her caption, suggesting fans had permission to be her biggest critics.

As of this writing, her video clip had racked up almost 6,000 likes and 160-plus comments for the golf star on Instagram.

Fans react to Hailey Rae Ostrom’s golf form and fit

Some fans understood the assignment with Ostrom’s recent IG post, as one told her the swing and shot were a “little to far left Superstar.”

“Too hot to handle,” another commented, admiring the blonde beauty.

“Can’t! And won’t!” yet another commenter said about roasting Ostrom’s form or shot.

fans roast golf swing by hailey ostrom
Pic credit: @haileyostrom/Instagram

“Aim at the flag next time lol hit it dead straight haha,” one critic said in the comments.

“Well done,” another individual said in support of Ostrom’s form or gorgeous look.

hailey rae ostrom golf comments from ig
Pic credit: @haileyostrom/Instagram

Hailey Rae Ostrom promoted Calia from Switzerland

As of this writing, Ostrom is one of the popular golf influencers on social media, similar to Paige Spiranac, with a large following of 538,000 on Instagram.

She’s also collaborated with another rising star in the golf influencer world, Claire Hogle, as they played golf in a video shot on another course. Fans can check out a preview on Instagram.

Due to the large following, Ostrom has several promotions she’s associated with, including Michelob Ultra, BlueTees, LiftedTrucks, and Bettinardi.

In January, Ostrom shared an IG carousel featuring two photos from Laax, Switzerland, revealing a partnership with Calia.

“This super cute leather top is from @caliafitness ✌🏼 #CaliaPartner #IChooseWhatFits,” Ostrom wrote, as she looked gorgeous in a white bucket hat, grey shirt, blue jeans, and leather top.

Calia is an activewear brand that singer Carrie Underwood launched in 2015. They focus on fashion and fitness with stores around the United States and a website selling items that include attire specifically suited for the golf course.

Among their most popular golf clothing are the Calia Women’s 16-inch Birdie Golf Skort and the Calia Women’s Golf Long Drive Pants. Prices appear marked down on these items and many others, although that could be a limited-time sale.

As of this writing, the brand’s website also indicates that customers can get free shipping with their orders or have items shipped to a nearby location for pickup. 

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