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Pro boxer Avril Mathie squats in skintight spandex for impressive kettlebell swings

Avril Mathie
Avril Mathie shares an impressive kettlebell swing workout in skintight spandex. Pic credit: @avrilmathie/Instagram

As a professional athlete, staying in shape is one of the most important parts of your career, and pro boxer Avril Mathie knows this is the case.

Avril’s social media includes shots of her in various swimsuit pictures, doing different workouts, and even some snaps of her healthy diet.

The pro athlete recently took to her page to share a video clip of an impressive kettlebell workout as she squats deeply into some kettlebell swings, offering a real-time and slow-mo view.

Avril Mathie shows impressive workout in skintight spandex

As she swings the kettlebell back and forth, Avril notes that she’s wearing a new outfit from RVCA Sport’s women’s clothing line.

The skintight outfit accentuates her muscles as she squats down into her impressive workout. Her long hair was tied up in a high ponytail, and the outfit was finished with some bright white sneakers.

Women’s kettlebells usually weigh anywhere from 18 to 26 pounds, though men’s can weigh up to 44 pounds. It’s hard to say which weight the pro is using, but there’s no arguing that her form is perfect.

Avril Mathie on relocating from Australia to the United States for boxing career

Before Avril made it big in the United States, she was boxing in Australia, where she’s from. However, she made a huge move to pursue a career that wasn’t guaranteed.

“In 2016 I moved to the USA with no visa, no job, no place to live and to Miami… where I had no friends. Partly because I love an adventure, but mainly to pursue my dreams of becoming a boxing world champion, model and role model,” her website reads.

Talking to Boxing Scene, she elaborated on why she chose to move so suddenly without a guaranteed career or life in place.

“We just don’t have a population of people, especially people with money in Australia, that can support boxing and make it a primary sport,” Mathie revealed.

She continued that even the most skilled or famous boxers in Australia generally work another job to support themselves, and it’s not considered a good career choice.

Rugby is the biggest sport in Australia and, therefore, receives more financial backing, not leaving much room for athletes of other sports to succeed. For Avril, America was different.

“Whereas in America, there’s such a huge population of people here, and eyes equal money to advertisers. So it doesn’t matter if those people are rich or poor, as long as they turn on their TV and watch. Then, that’s a lot of eyes on a sport, which is a lot of eyes to advertisers, which means a lot more money can be spread amongst the fighters and create some more opportunities.”

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