Pro boxer Avril Mathie gets cheeky in bikini for a beach vacation

Avril Mathie selfie
Avril Mathie is living her best life. Pic credit: avrilmathie/Instagram

Pro boxer Avril Mathie is back in her swimsuit, sending temperatures soaring for a beach trip.

The boxing pro shared some gorgeous pictures from the beach earlier this week, showing off the gorgeous sunset behind her.

As the vibrant colors reflected off the ocean water, she was spotted smiling for the camera with a drink in hand.

Avril’s hair seemed damp from the water, and her caption proves that point right.

She revealed she was “living her best life” in Nicaragua on a “surf trip.”

She wrote, “10/10 sunsets + surfing + watermelon shakes > 5 star hotels. Also yeah of course I axed myself multiple times on those rocks this weekend.”

Axed or not, Avril is gorgeous on the beach and looks ready to take on any 5-star hotel or gorgeous view.

Avril Mathie’s intense workout sessions lead to lots of sweat

Most of Avril’s workouts mimic her sport and the talent that is boxing.

She often updates fans with selfies, videos, and snapshots of her workouts, which causes a lot of sweat to gather on her skin.

However, she lives for the “post-workout glow” and loves doing her hard workouts, no matter how sweaty she might get.

Often, she’s seen with gloves on and swinging at a punching bag, practicing her perfect aim.

Based on her toned physique, this isn’t the only workout she participates in, but it is the most frequent.

As far as Avril is concerned, her motto is “train hard, fight easy.”

When she’s not training on the punching bag, her breaks often include getting on a wakeboard or showing off her skills in beach volleyball.

One thing is for sure: We aren’t about to take on Avril in a boxing match, as she stays trained and hydrated.

Avril Mathei partners with BODYARMOR

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Avril has a paid partnership with BODYARMOR, a sports drink company.

BODYARMOR uses no artificial sweeteners, flavors, or dyes in their drinks, which are just chock full of potassium, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

Plus, they come in various flavors and even have the LYTE option for a low-calorie drink option.

Need a boost? They don’t just make hydrating drinks without caffeine — BODYARMOR EDGE has 140mg of caffeine to help anyone get through their day, too.

Plus, for those who just want a nice classic glass of water, they’ve got BODYARMOR SportWater, alkaline water with electrolytes.

We don’t have a paid partnership with BODYARMOR, but we understand the hype.

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