Priyanka Chopra looks fierce and colorful for new makeup collaboration

Priyanka Chopra close up
Priyanka Chopra wore a tiny black dress for her new Max Factor collaboration. Pic credit: ©

Priyanka Chopra has been busier than ever this year, having welcomed her daughter Malti Marie with her husband Nick Jonas, and setting off to India where she launched her haircare line Anomaly in the country.

Now, the Bollywood actress and entrepreneur has collaborated with makeup brand Max Factor on a bright and colorful line that drops just before New Year’s Eve.

Priyanka made the announcement via social media in a flashy video featuring bursts of hot pink, gold, and blue glitter, giving a sparkling introduction to the glamorous collab.

The Quantico actress was seen close-up wearing a bright blue, glittering eyeshadow from the line, looking more confident than ever as her brunette hair blew back in a breeze. The rest of her makeup was left pretty natural, including light brown lipstick to draw attention to her eye makeup.

She strutted her stuff, walking towards the camera looking like she was on a mission in a low-cut, flowing black dress that stopped at her upper thigh and gave off flirty vibes. It featured little gold clasps on the straps and in the center of the chest.

Apparently, she’s been keeping the new collection under wraps, revealing in her caption, “I’ve been covertly working with @maxfactor on MY FIRST limited edition Universal Colour Collection!”

She told followers it drops on December 29 at Superdrug in the UK, just in time for New Year’s Eve, which is perfect considering the colors are incredibly bright, glittering, and glamorous. She didn’t mention when the line would be coming to the United States, but it will most likely be very soon.

She also claimed that every single color was created “intentionally” to work with all skin tones. The collection features eyeshadow palettes, nail polish, and lipsticks.

Priyanka Chopra has been a global brand ambassador for Max Factor since 2021

Priyanka has been the global brand ambassador for Max Factor since September 2021 and is frequently featured as the face of their ads.

To announce the new partnership, Priyanka was interviewed by Glamour UK and talked about her personal relationship with makeup and the brand.

She said, “It’s very exciting to be in this partnership with them, I have a feeling we’ll do some fun things together!”

As for how she feels about makeup, the actress said she thinks it’s great to use for confidence, as a way to express yourself, or to hide flaws.

She was recently featured in a new mascara ad, which she posted to social media, and claimed the new Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara is her favorite.

Priyanka has been busy launching Anomaly haircare in several locations

Priyanka was recently in India to launch her haircare line Anomaly in the country, which will be sold at Nykaa, a cosmetics and beauty store.

The actress has been busy getting her haircare line in several places in the United States as well. It’s currently available at Walmart, CVS, Target, and Amazon.

She excitedly announced at the end of November that it will now be available at Kroger grocery stores as well, so her followers have very easy access to the products.

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