Priyanka Chopra attends the South Asian Excellence pre-Oscars bash

Priyanka Chopra close up
Priyanka Chopra looked incredibly glam in white as she attended the South Asian Excellence pre-Oscars bash. Pic credit: © StarMaxWorldwide

Priyanka Chopra looked like a literal angel as she posed in a pure white outfit against the cloudy backdrop of a surprisingly wintery-looking Los Angeles, California.

The Bollywood starlet posed up a storm on the roof of what appeared to be her home with her husband Nick Jonas, as she got ready to attend the South Asian Excellence pre-Oscars party ahead of the show, which will take place on March 12.

She showed off her sensational curves in a figure-hugging, highly-embellished skirt that fell all the way to the floor, paired with a corset that showed a sliver of her taut tummy with a rhinestone bra underneath. Both pieces featured intricate lace, mesh, and sparkling details throughout.

It must have been slightly chilly as she threw on a white fur jacket on top and accessorized with a pair of clear strappy heels.

Priyanka added to the glamour of the look by having her hair styled in bombshell waves by Bridget Brager and going for a dark, smokey eye look by Jo Baker.

She posed for a close-up shot as well as several shots taken farther away along the pool, standing regally atop the roof.

As for her jewelry, she wore Bulgari earrings, as she is an ambassador for the brand.

Priyanka was featured in a new documentary about the Bulgari brand called Inside the Dream. She can be seen sitting at a table and discussing her love of jewelry, which she said comes from her mother.

The actress was surprised with a new piece of jewelry as she experienced the “magic” of Bulgari, and her face said it all when she looked up, looking as if she was in heaven.

Priyanka is set to appear in the Amazon Prime series Citadel in April

Priyanka is set to appear in a movie and a series coming out soon, though they have completely different vibes.

Citadel premieres on Amazon Prime on April 28 and sees the actress playing a spy who had her memories wiped and can’t actually remember that she was one.

Actor Richard Madden plays a man who also had his memories wiped and finds her character to try to figure out who he is.

He finds her in what appears to be the kitchen of a restaurant, where he says to her, “Tell me you’ve never felt like you should be somewhere else. Doing something else. Tell me you’ve never seen my face before.”

It’s an intriguing trailer with tons of action, explosions, and car chases that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Priyanka will star in Love Again along with Sam Heughan and Celine Dion

The movie Love Again, Priyanka’s other acting project, premieres May 12 and is a fun rom-com starring Sam Heughan and the iconic Celine Dion, with her husband Nick Jonas making a quick appearance in a hilarious scene in a taxi.

Priyanka plays a woman whose boyfriend dies, and in her grief, she continues texting his phone.

Sam’s character receives a new phone at work and apparently attains that new number as he ends up receiving the text messages and goes to try to find her, with the pair striking up a romance.

Keep an eye on Priyanka’s social media for updates on her upcoming movie projects.

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