Priyanka Chopra all smiles in orange dress for Mumbai visit

Priyanka Chopra close up
Priyanka Chopra stunned in a low-cut orange dress for Mumbai visit. Pic credit: © Hasegawa/

Priyanka Chopra has been crazy busy lately, especially when it comes to travel, and found herself in Mumbai this week after at least 3 years away from India.

The Bollywood star has stepped out in a slew of stylish outfits, including a couple of pantsuits that just scream entrepreneur, yet sexy at the same time.

She has been in Mumbai to promote her haircare brand Anomaly, which will now be available in India at Nykaa beauty and cosmetics stores.

Currently, in the States, Anomaly Haircare is available at CVS, Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

Priyanka has been on a whirlwind tour of the city for the last few days as she promotes the brand, even stopping at Nykaa to see her products in the store.

While she has mostly gone for pantsuit-type outfits for much of the trip, she changed into a stunning dress that looked lovely against her skin tone.

Priyanka Chopra wore a plunging orange dress as she had her hair done with Anomaly Haircare

Priyanka wore a dress that was a red-orange color and featured a very low-cut neckline with a belt at the waist and a floating hemline at the bottom.

She accessorized with bright orange heels, and gold hoop earrings that gave the whole outfit a sunset vibe.

But, her hair really stole attention away from the outfit, with big, bombshell waves that cascaded down her shoulders.

In a video clip, she was seen getting her hair done by a stylist who was applying Anomaly Dry Shampoo to the roots.

In the caption, she revealed that Anomaly Dry Shampoo would be on a shortlist of three travel essentials she would always bring with her.

She told followers she is so happy with what she’s created, writing, “I absolutely love what we’ve created with this brand…formulas that build a strong foundation for your hair, no matter what you do to it. Simply put!”

With how busy she has been, she said she has been doing a lot to her hair recently, including using a lot of hot tools, but using Anomaly Haircare has helped keep it healthy and strong.

Priyanka visited Nykaa to see the Anomaly Haircare display at the store in Mumbai

Just a couple of days ago Priyanka visited the Nykaa store to see the Anomaly display and looked gorgeous in a white outfit that really drew attention.

She wore a white crop top with a cut-out in the center and high-waisted white trousers with a wide leg. She gave herself some height with white platform heels, and of course, let her long brunette hair fall down her shoulders in big waves.

She shared video clips in which she confidently strutted out of her hotel and into the store where she greeted fans.

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Frances David
Frances David
1 month ago

I love this lady. She’s just beautiful. Hope her products do well.