Prince William and Kate Middleton share highlights from Belize, from making chocolate to dancing with the locals

Prince William Duke of Cambridge and Kate Duchess of Cambridge, Katherine, Catherine Middleton on a visit to the East London Mosque today to visit volunteers who have supported members during COVID 19 Lockdown. Photo Credit: ALPR/AdMedia
Prince William and Kate Middleton visited a chocolate farm and enjoyed dancing while in Belize. Pic credit: ©

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been touring Belize on behalf of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee celebration this year. Although Belize isn’t their home, the couple seemed to fit right in during their trip.

The Instagram account for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared two posts regarding their trip.

The royal couple visited a cocoa farm in southern Belize as part of their trip. They learned how to make “world-famous chocolate” from Julio, “a master in chocolate making.” The chocolate is made from organic products grown on Julio and his family’s land or found nearby. 

After their visit with the family, the couple said, “We can see why this is loved all around the world!” 

Aside from visiting the cocoa farm, the couple spent part of their trip visiting the Garifuna community, where Prince William showed off his dance skills with a local woman.

Watch Prince William show off his dancing skills in Belize

The Instagram account shared a video montage of William and Kate as they celebrated with the Garifuna community of Belize. 

The caption says, “It was a privilege to spend time with the Garifuna community and experience some of their traditions, here in Hopkins. Thank you Mama G for hosting such a special event!” 

The very first clip of the video shows William dancing with a local woman, Laura Cacho. The video shows several clips of the food and festivities, as well as Kate spending time with many of the local children

“They are an amazing couple, and we would love them to come any time with their children Charlotte, George, and Louis,” Cacho told People magazine. She continued, “They really know how to dance. They took the culture from me, and I didn’t need to teach them. They’re so good at it. They were excellent.” 

A Light of Hopkins dance group member reiterated how much fun it was to have the couple be a part of the festivities. Vkeveen Martinez, 15, said, “It was amazing. It was a lot to get a prince out to dance, and I held his hand.”

Kate even said that she wanted dance classes. Cynthia Ellis-Topsy, an ambassador for the Garifuna nation, said that Kate “was a bit nervous” at first and “she certainly appreciated the children.” However, she said that when William danced, “it was beautiful.” 

Prince William and Kate Middleton share photos from Che ‘il chocolate farm

William and Kate visited the Che ‘il chocolate farm run by Julio Saqui. They sampled the metaled chocolate and even used a mortar and pestle to grind the crumbled dried cacao beans, called nibs. 

Although the grinding is typically performed by the women in those communities, William jokingly asked if Julio took apprentices and said, “Can I come and work for you? It’s my kind of thing.” 

They learned the history of the cacao bean, even learning that it used to be used as currency. The Saqui family informed the health benefits of the cacao bean as well, though much to William’s dismay, it may not be healthy to eat chocolate in large amounts. 

The couple is set to travel to Jamaica and the Bahamas later this week during their visit to the Caribbean. 

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