Prince William and Kate Middleton honor Queen Elizabeth in Boston

Kate Middleton attends a dinner in Jamaica, and Prince William attends the 2021 Tusk Conservation Awards
Prince William and Kate Middleton paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth during their Boston trip. Pic credit: ©

Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, honored the late Queen Elizabeth II as part of their trip to the United States. The pair paid tribute to the Queen on November 30, shortly after they arrived in Boston for a three-day stay ahead of the Earthshot Prize ceremony.

The royal couple had not been to the United States since 2014. This trip was also the first that they took following the passing of Prince William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, on September 8.

Meanwhile, Boston is a location that the Queen herself had also visited nearly five decades before Prince William and Middleton’s arrival. Hence, there were memories of her imbued in the outing.

It didn’t take long for Prince William to issue a statement upon landing safely in Boston. He expressed his delight at being back in the United States and thanked the governor of Massachusetts and his wife for welcoming them.

Prince William also thanked the people of Massachusetts and Boston, who had paid tribute to the Queen. He referenced the Queen’s trip to Boston in 1976 and stated it was one she remembered fondly.

Prince William also indicated that it was the Queen’s spirit that she had passed down to him that sparked the Earthshot Prize. He stated, “My grandmother was one of life’s optimists. And so am I. That is why last year we launched the Earthshot Prize with the ambition to create a truly global platform to inspire hope and urgent optimism as we look to save the future of our planet.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s trip to Boston

Prince William and Middleton’s three-day trip to Boston culminated in the glamorous Earthshot Prize ceremony on December 2. However, in addition to the ceremony, the two had a full itinerary for the trip.

Day one began with them touching down in Massachusetts at Boston Logan Airport. After Prince William issued his statement and paid tribute to the Queen, he and Middleton went straight to an Earthshot kickoff event.

The two gave a speech before lighting up Boston green ahead of the Earthshot Prize ceremony. Afterward, they headed to a basketball game between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

During their second day, they traveled to Somerville to visit a business called Greentown Labs. They later went to a rehearsal for the Earthshot Prize ceremony.

Prince William and Middleton split up on their last day. Middleton visited the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard, while Prince William met up with the Kennedys for a tour of the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum.

Later that day, it was time for the big event – the Earthshot Prize ceremony.

Prince William and Middleton attended the Earthshot Prize ceremony

The Earthshot Prize was founded in 2020 by Prince William. The prestigious prize is awarded annually to five entrepreneurs, with one winner chosen from each of the five categories of nature conservation and protection, air quality, ocean revival, waste-free living, and climate action.

Each of the five winners is awarded a prize of 1 million British pounds, which is equivalent to about $1.2 million. It is granted with the expectation that the winner will use it to continue their environmental efforts.

The event was quite a spectacle, featuring multiple celebrity guests and a green carpet. Prince William and Middleton arrived looking dazzling in their outfits.

Prince William wore a sleek tuxedo, while Middleton donned a breathtaking lime green gown paired with an emerald choker.

Meanwhile, the ceremony drew in a diverse crowd of celebrities and political figures. Among the attendees were David Beckham, Rami Malek, Shailene Woodly, Ellie Goulding, Daniel Dae Kim, and U.S. senator Mitt Romney.

Middleton and Prince William shared a short clip to introduce the five winners of the prestigious award.

The star-studded Earthshot Prize ceremony marked the conclusion of their trip to Boston.

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