Prince Harry’s military service snubbed in prestigious new book

Prince Harry looking stern
Prince Harry is left out of a prominent military book. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry has a lot of military training from before his marriage to Meghan Markle.

He graduated from the dynamic 44-week course at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2005 and became an officer Cadet the following year.

The British Army explains this training course is comprised of three 14-week terms. Then, there are adventurous training exercises and 2-3 weeks of leave between each time to round the young people out.

Prince Harry completed two tours in Afghanistan as a forward air controller and then as an Apache pilot.

He was so proud of his service to his country that he regaled everyone with stories of the 25 Taliban fighters he called “chess pieces” in his autobiography Spare.

Yet, this distinguished career was not enough to include him in a book about the 200 top alums of his school written by Vaughan Kent-Payne to benefit the Sandhurst Trust.

Prince Harry overlooked in the book about his military academy

Vaughan Kent-Payne is the Executive Director at The Sandhurst Trust and has written a book titled They Also Served: 200 People Who Trained At Sandhurst.

Yahoo News reports that the author “explores ‘exceptional’ graduates who have ‘gained recognition beyond’ the Armed Forces.”

The author left Harry out of his book but put his brother Prince William in and even asked him to write the forward.

Harry embarrassed himself and his fellow soldiers when he spoke about the people he killed in his memoir.

Former British Army colonel Richard Kemp told The Sun, “One thing he said in his book was the Army taught him to see the enemy as less than human — which is not what we were taught.”

Royal fans react to Prince Harry’s exclusion from the book

In response to the news, fans of the royal family posted their thoughts about Prince Harry on social media and whether he deserved to be mentioned in the book.

One fan asked, “What great things has he done, tho?”

Another replied, “Absolutely nothing. Every military image was created by his family and he couldn’t even succeed at that.”

Another pointed out a compelling reason not to include him would be because he “swore the oath of allegiance to Queen & country & betrayed both.”

Royal fans react to Prince Harry's exclusion in military book.
Royal family fans weigh in. Pic credit: @SabirahLohn/X

Prince Harry’s book, Spare, did garner him a win, even if it caused his being left out of this prestigious book. Spare was named the top-selling book in the United Kingdom for 2023.

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