Prince Harry turns his nose up at Netflix despite his 5-year deal

Prince Harry at Mansion House in London
Prince Harry snubbed Netflix in favor of another streaming service. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry is sending a message to Netflix, but whether or not it is an intentional snub is yet to be seen.

Netflix has been good to Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, over the last few years.

Harry and Meghan are in year four of their five-year 100 million dollar deal with the popular streaming service Netflix, according to the Guardian.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, there is speculation that Netflix may extend the deal. Bela Bajaria, a creative at Netflix, shared some projects the couple is working on.

The chief content creator shared that Harry and Meghan are working and “they…have… a movie in development, a [scripted] series” with Brandon Riegg, Vice President of Unscripted and Documentary Series at Netflix.

Harry would want to protect that relationship, but instead, he allowed a competitor, Hulu, to stream one of his documentaries.

Hulu airs Prince Harry’s Mission: Life, Family and Invictus Games

In surprising news, Prince Harry’s new documentary, Prince Harry’s Mission: Life, Family, and Invictus Games, premiered on Hulu instead of Netflix.

The Daily Mail has reported that this series was an “unannounced one-off show” filmed during Harry and Meghan’s working Valentine’s trip to Canada.

The show features Harry’s work on The Invictus Games and his interview with Good Morning America.

Interestingly, this interview did not include Meghan, although it was advertised on Good Morning America as a Harry and Meghan interview.

It was in this interview that Harry spoke of his quick trip to see his father, King Charles, after his cancer diagnosis was announced to the world.

Hulu is advertising the documentary “Prince Harry on his life and Two of his biggest passions: his family and the Invictus Games.”

The Daily Mail reported that a senior source at Netflix revealed, “Harry and wife Meghan remain under a contract with them but appeared to be taken by surprise by the news.”

This could cause problems with Harry and his relationship with Netflix if and when they renew. At the least, an exclusivity clause should be included so this doesn’t happen again.

Royal fans are upset with Harry and sharing their feelings on X

Fans have been sharing their strong feelings about Harry ditching Netflix for Hulu on X (formerly Twitter), and they seem upset.

One fan thinks that Netflix should “sue them,” meaning Harry, Meghan, or perhaps Hulu.

Another said, “Won’t be watching!!!!!” and one other declared, “That’s just Harry. He isn’t loyal to anyone.”

The Royal Family fans react to Prince Harry's new documentary.
Pic credit: @jerseydeanne/X

One fan asked, “Can Netflix sue for breach of contract?” This would, of course, depend on what is in Harry’s contract with Netflix.

Another observed, “Very interesting. It seems like their Netflix contract won’t be renewed.”

The Royal Family fans react on Twitter about Prince Harry's new documentary.
Pic credit: @jerseydeanne/X

The ball is in Netflix’s court now. It remains to be seen if they will retaliate to this slight in some by a legal case or perhaps not renew Harry and Meghan’s contract.

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Peggy Gonzalez
Peggy Gonzalez
1 month ago

Those two need to realize the world doesn’t revolve around them and that rules apply to even them. Harry I’m afraid that you’ve bitten the hand that feeds you so to speak