Prince Harry hosted a summit, and fans are loving this wardrobe choice

Prince Harry at an event
Prince Harry hosted a summit and fans are loving his choice of footwear. Pic credit: ©

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have posted details about the BetterUp Uplift Summit in San Francisco on their website.

Prince Harry had the opportunity to host the summit as the Chief Impact Officer of Betterup.

The session he hosted was Beyond Burnout: Transforming C-Level Stress Into Strength.

Prince Harry is being noticed not only for working at this worthwhile event but also for one of his wardrobe choices.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, his glamorous wife, Meghan, is usually noticed for her clothing choices and makes waves even as she tones things down for working dinners.

This time, Harry is being noticed for his choice of a vintage pair of suede shoes, much to the delight of his fans.

Fans are loving the shoes Prince Harry wore to the event

Harry looked relaxed and happy in the event photos, which focused on reducing stress for executives.

If anyone is an expert on stress, Prince Harry makes a good candidate for the job. In his book Spare, he suggested mediators be brought into the royal family to help relations between family members.

But it was not the content of his speech that fans noticed. Instead, it was his footwear.

A sharp-eyed fan noticed Prince Harry wearing old-school suede shoes to the event.

Sue from X (formerly Twitter) asked for opinions, “Can we get a little commotion for #PrinceHarry fave suede shoes.”

Fans started to joke about his shoes on X, noticing they were a bit young for the Prince.

One fan said, “Not him rescuing them from the back of the closet.”

Another said, “Exactly. When I saw it, I was dead-ass laughing.”

Another commented, referencing Prince Harry’s son, “He can’t get rid of these because Archie has a pair.” Archie is Prince Harry and Meghan’s four-year-old son.

Royal fans are commenting on Prince Harry's shoes.
Fans are commenting on Prince Harry’s choice of shoes at the summit he hosted. Pic credit: @Sue_Suede/X

Prince Harry shares photo with Mindy Kaling from the summit

Prince Harry shared pictures from the event, and one familiar face popped up among The Office fans.

Mindy Kaling was at the event and took time to have a photo-op with Prince Harry.

Mindy and Prince Harry have Netflix in common and could be working on a project together.

The Economic Times reports that Mindy is working on a yet untitled comedy after the success of her series Never Have I Ever. The comedy, rumored to star Kate Hudson, is inspired by Los Angeles Lakers owner Jeannie Buss,

There have been reports that Harry and Meghan are working with Netflix on new projects. They would surely be a hit if the talented Mindy Kaling is attached.

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