Prince Harry accused of following in Diana’s footsteps by resorting to the ‘nuclear option’ against the Royal Family

Prince Harry is following in Princess Diana’s footsteps by resorting to the “nuclear option,” a royal expert claims. Pic credit: ©

A royal expert has claimed that Prince Harry is following in the footsteps of his late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, by resorting to the “nuclear option” to bring down the Royal Family after Megxit.

Royal expert Sarah Vine told Mail Plus’s Palace Confidential that Prince Harry’s Megxit strategy takes a page from Diana’s behavior after she fell out with the Royal Family, according to Express.

Instead of seeking reconciliation and amicable settlement, Harry has decided to torch the Royal Family on his way out.

Sarah Ferguson sought amicable separation but ‘Diana went nuclear’

Vine compared Diana’s handling of her divorce from Prince Charles to Sarah Ferguson’s handling of her divorce from Prince Andrew. The royal expert claimed that Sarah sought an amicable separation while “Diana went nuclear.”

“Diana went nuclear, she very much went the revenge route. Whereas Sarah Ferguson went the more traditional aristocratic route,” Vine said.

“She [Ferguson] was more like, it hasn’t worked out, it is a bit of a shame, but we can still be friends and everyone can be civilized for the sake of the children and the family and its reputation. Princess Diana couldn’t do that,” the royal expert added.

Prince Harry is acting like Diana, according to royal expert

Vine went to claim that Prince Harry is emulating Diana’s behavior. Harry is trying to damage the Royal Family on his way out, according to the royal expert.

“Princess Diana did what Prince Harry is doing now, which is to torch the place,” She said.

“I think, I am more on the Sarah Ferguson side of things, I don’t see why you have to do it that way,” she continued. “It is okay to say I don’t want to do this anymore but that isn’t to say you have to bring it down. You can still be friends and be civilized about it.”

Harry’s memoir is ‘hanging over’ the Royal Family

The comments by Vine come after royal expert, Phil Dampier, claimed that members of the Royal Family, including the Queen, are worried about Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir.

Harry announced on July 19 that he has signed a deal with Random House publishers to release his memoir in 2022.

Dampier told The Sun that Harry’s memoir is “hanging over” the Royals and they are hoping he is “running out of ammunition” to use against them.

The Royals are concerned that Harry could use his new book to make fresh damaging allegations against them and disclose family secrets.

The Sussexes previously accused the Royal Family of racism and neglect.

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