Prettyboyfredo arrested? Twitter feed suggests he was locked up

PrettyboyFredo arrest video
Prettyboyfredo has been arrested following a reported prank. Pic credit: Prettyboyfredo/YouTube.

YouTuber Prettyboyfredo has been arrested, according to a statement on his Twitter. The prankster, who has over 600 million views on YouTube, retweeted many fans calling for him to be released from police custody after he showed footage of what appears to be the local police station.

It is unclear whether he was arrested for filming a prank for his YouTube channel. 

In a video posted on his Twitter page, some of Prettyboyfredo’s associates, including his cameraman and fellow Youtuber Maik, stated that “he took the charge.” However, the details about the charges Prettyboyfredo was allegedly arrested for have not been revealed.  

This led some fans to suspect that his arrest is part of an upcoming prank video.  

Prettyboyfredo also released footage of what appears to be a booking room in a police station. 

Prettyboyfredo last uploaded a prank to his channel three days ago, of him picking up Uber riders in a Lamborghini Huracan.

Why was PrettyboyFredo arrested?

The Youtuber was on Instagram live yesterday in the company of many friends. Some fans have suggested that he was arrested after attempting to sneak into Universal Studios Orlando as part of a prank.

One fan commented under PrettyboyFredo’s Instagram page that he attempted to enter the Universal Studios without paying and was taken into police custody at the scene.

However, this is yet to be confirmed as PrettyBoyFredo is yet to comment about his arrest.  Last year, the popular YouTube prankster made a video about another time he was arrested.

His fiancé Jasmine Jade has not commented on his arrest since it was announced on Twitter. The YouTube couple welcomed a daughter, Ava, in November 2017.

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