Pregnant Chanel West Coast stuns in tiny crop top for Versace Mami music reveal

Chanel West Coast
Chanel West Coast looked stunning in her fun video. Pic credit: @chanelwestcoast/Instagram

Chanel West Coast showed off her baby bump as she had fun in a crop top for a new music reveal.

The TV star and singer is expecting a daughter soon and has been keeping fans up to date with regular pics and videos of her swelling tummy.

The latest clip was tied into her latest music venture as she promoted her single Versace Mami – a collaboration with DJ Kittie.

In the video, Chanel sits in a mustard-colored bra and necklace with her hair tied up.

She then places her hand on the screen before pulling it back to reveal her sitting in full makeup and a Versace crop top with her jet-black hair flowing over her shoulders.

Chanel poses for a moment before placing her hands on her baby bump, smiling, and blowing a kiss to the camera. A caption below the video promotes her music while also promising, “baby girl droppin soon!”

Chanel looks radiant in the video with painted black nails, deep black eyeliner, and shiny pink lipstick.

She completes the look with a gold watch and silver ring on her right hand.

She appears to be filming in her daughter’s nursery. The room has pink walls and curtains, cuddly toys sitting in a hammock strung from the roof, and what looks like a cot behind her.

Chanel West Coast’s Versace tribute

Chanel’s new track is from her Versace Diaries EP, which features two songs – Versace Mami and Versace Robe.

The songs are a collaboration with artists Minus Gravity, Justin Love, DJ Kittie, Yowda, and Juss Swoop and pay tribute to the famous label’s influence on fashion and music.

Chanel told the Daily Mail, “They naturally came together from all of us being friends and making music and vibing in the studio. It was so much fun to make the songs and videos, everybody was dripping in Versace.” 

Chanel West Coast’s baby joy

Chanel is clearly looking forward to being a mom and has been inundating fans with pics throughout her pregnancy.

The star recently shared a snap to Instagram of her baby shower, where she showed off her bump in a flowing pink dress. Chanel posed with her boyfriend, Dom Fenison, who was fully decked out in Burberry, including matching sneakers.

Chanel also shared a desert snap of her bump. The star was soaking up the sunshine in Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California for the pic.

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