Poosh shares Lizzo to inform readers about body types

Lizzo poses for a closeup selfie for her Instagram.
Lizzo and Poosh teamed up to educate readers on body types. Pic credit: @lizzobeeating/Instagram

Lizzo modeled for Kourtney Kardashian’s blog to help readers understand body types.

The 34-year-old singer and rapper posed in matching blue undergarments to show off her curvy figure. She wore her hair back in braids and opted to go barefoot for the photo.

Lizzo kept her accessories and makeup minimal for a candid and natural look. However, she did boast a gold watch on one wrist.

She posed with confidence and authority in two separate pictures. In one, she posed standing up with her hand on her hip; in another, she squatted down and reached out toward the camera.

Lizzo posed for the photos in a room with a blue carpet that matched the blue tone of her undergarments. Behind her were floor-to-ceiling windows that provided nice natural lighting for the photo.

A bed and a TV screen could also be glimpsed in the background, though Lizzo remained front and center.

The photos were shared by Poosh, the health and wellness blog founded and run by Kardashian. Poosh is dedicated to providing readers with a guide to living their best lives.

In the photo’s caption, Poosh directed readers to an educational article on body types on its website.

The article suggested determining body types by categorizing them as somatotypes rather than classifying them as fruits such as apple-shaped or pear-shaped.

There are three major somatotypes – ectomorphic, mesomorphic, and endomorphic. Each type is characterized by a different build and responds differently to exercise and weight loss efforts.

The article also offered a quiz to get readers started on identifying what body type they might be. It suggested that understanding body types would aid in embracing all body types.

Poosh’s article corresponds well with Lizzo’s sentiments as she has frequently pushed for body inclusivity and body type normalization.

Lizzo is a brand ambassador for Dove

Lizzo has spread her body positivity sentiments through multiple avenues besides Poosh. She was named a brand ambassador for Dove in 2021, bringing positivity to the big brand.

As a brand ambassador, she quickly joined the Dove Self-Esteem Project. The project was founded in 2014 and researched how social media pressures young people to look a certain way when posting pictures of themselves.

Using that research, Lizzo launched the 2021 Selfie Talk campaign. The campaign advocated for parents to have conversations with their kids about the pressures of social media and how photo manipulation is rampant on it.

In an interview with Dove, Lizzo expressed her joy at working with the brand and supporting its work to challenge harmful beauty standards.

By April 2021, Dove had started its Selfie Talk campaign with a Reverse Selfie ad. It tackled photo manipulation and ended with a call for parents to have the selfie talk.

Lizzo’s influence on the brand was very noticeable as her entrance aided in kicking off a new Dove campaign to educate young people on body positivity and social media pressures.

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