Pokimane channels chic vibes for a fun trip in New York

Pokimane in New York
Pokimane is looking great on her recent trip to New York. Pic credit: @pokimanelol/Instagram

Pokimane is really enjoying her time in New York. The Canadian beauty was sitting in front of a brownstone building, giving fans a view of her adorable fall outfit.  

The YouTube creator wore a beige halter-neck top. It sported a purple floral pattern throughout the shirt, only being interrupted by the lining around the bust. Over her top was a white belted miniskirt. The skirt had wide pleating that gave the outfit a preppy vibe. 

She paired the look with an oversized brown sweater, which was perfect for the fall.

The Twitch streamer wore black leather high-heeled boots. To add to her cozy aesthetic, she put thick leg warmers over them to complete the ensemble.

Pokimane kept her hair simple, embracing her beachy waves and letting it cascade off her shoulders.  

She took the natural approach to her makeup, opting out of eyeshadow and going for a nude lipstick.  

Pokimane clearly had a fun day. She posted additional photos to her Instagram carousel where she is smiling ear to ear with a shopping bag in her hand.  

Pokimane looks amazing in her fall outfit 

Looking cozy and chic at the same time might be Pokimane’s true talent. She was seen wearing a black dress that hugged her curves perfectly.  

The dress had mesh paneling on her torso and a small split on the hem of the dress.  

Over it, she wore a thick sweater that cropped right along the bust. She paired the outfit with brown open-toe sandals and a green handbag for a pop of color.  

She wore her hair with thick bands and light layers that framed her face perfectly.  

Pokimane separates herself from her persona  

It’s easy for fans to get a false feeling that they know their favorite social media personality. Pokimane knows that all too well, and has managed to use it to her advantage. While talking to Anthony Padilla on his YouTube channel, she admitted that she draws a line between who she is and Pokimane for her own mental well-being.  

“I keep Pokimane and Imane separate,” she said “That’s served me a lot, because when people say things about Pokimane, I don’t take it personally—and I don’t think any creator should.” 

While some people might be surprised, content creators have been known to play up their personalities for their audience’s entertainment. Pokimane has explained further that it really helped with trolls.  

“These people don’t know you personally, so their comments, therefore, cannot be personal. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t consider what they say or take constructive criticism. But I at least compartmentalize it.” 

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