Plus-size model Iskra Lawrence sports purple bra and underwear for OOTD

Iskra Lawrence close up
Iskra Lawrence showed off her curves in a lavender bra and underwear set. Pic credit: © Acosta/Image Press Agency

Plus-size model Iskra Lawrence showed off her curves in a matching bra and underwear set as she got dressed and showed off her outfit of the day.

She wore a lavender bra covered in blue watercolor flowers and showed the bottom of her matching underwear as she buttoned up a pair of beige cargo pants.

She matched her bra with a lavender t-shirt that featured the number 11 on it, giving the entire ensemble a sporty vibe.

At the end of the video, she confidently put on a pair of futuristic-looking sunglasses with white trim and a unique triangle shape.

Iskra also showed off a pair of white Nike sneakers with pink and silver around the back and a small purse that looked like it featured a soft pillow material and gave off 90s energy.

The stunning model finished off by putting on a bit of red lipgloss and spraying perfume around herself before her boyfriend, Philip Payne, and her 2-year-old son stepped into the frame.

She captioned the Instagram video with a breakdown of what their Sunday would hold, writing, “Todays fit 💕 ft my family What are y’all upto this Sunday? We had brunch now leaving P in peace to watch football while we get frozen yogurt and go to the park with friends✌🏻.”

Iskra Lawrence talks criticism she faces for modeling lingerie as a mother

In August, the plus-size model talked about the criticism women face as mothers, and not just on their parenting skills but the idea that they’re not allowed to be sexy anymore.

Iskra posted an intimate video of herself in a gorgeous blue lace bra and thong underwear. She was seen laughing at the camera and later up against a window with the sun pouring in.

She let her Instagram followers know that she was not happy with the comments some people had left about the fact that she is a mom yet still shows off her body.

Over the video, she wrote, “PSA to all the judge comments saying I need to cover up now I’m a mom.”

She added, “My job is modeling lingerie and swimwear and has been for nearly 2 decades.”

In the last paragraph, she concluded, “Maybe it’s not for you but I love it and it empowers me after years of hating my body to be so comfortable.”

Iskra tries not to ‘absorb the judgemental comments’

In the caption, she wrote that she tries not to “absorb the judgemental comments” and is not going to feel any guilt over how she lives her life anymore.

Iskra wrote that she thinks moms get criticized and are made to feel guilt and shame for so many different things. She told her followers that she didn’t want herself or anyone else to start “shrinking for others expectations.”

Iskra Lawrence on the red carpet
Iskra Lawrence has some tips on daily skincare routine. Pic credit: ©

Earlier this year, Iskra admitted to Page Six that she did change up her daily skincare routine after becoming a mother. She told the outlet, “Before I had a baby, it was a choice to go low-maintenance; now, it’s just survival. The quicker and easier I can throw something on, [the better].”

She recommended using Face Reality SPF 30 moisturizing cream with Saltair Serum Body Wash and adding Acid Phase AHA Exfoliating Liquid a couple of times a week.

Iskra Lawrence welcomed baby with boyfriend Philip Payne

Iskra Lawrence with boyfriend Philip Payne
Iskra Lawrence has been together with Philip Payne since 2018. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Iskra and her partner, music producer Philip Payne welcomed Baby P to the family in April 2020.

At the time, she announced on social media, “I’m beyond overwhelmed to tell you baby P has arrived and Me and daddy @philipapayne are taking time to be in awe that we are now a family of three.”

Iskra and Philip first met at a party back in January 2018 and began dating later that year. According to US Weekly, Philip explained, “So, we’re at this party, I’m jamming . . . I see from the corner of my eye this shining, sparkling [woman].”

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