Plus-size model Iskra Lawrence in a series of swimsuits for Cabo trip

Iskra Lawrence close up
Iskra Lawrence showed off her curvy physique in a number of swimsuits on a Cabo vacation. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Iskra Lawrence, body positivity advocate and stunning plus-size model, showed off her curves in a series of swimsuits while on vacation in Mexico.

She showed off several one-piece swimsuits that emphasized her figure as she stood in front of her hotel room.

The video, shown on fast-forward, was taken on a family vacation in Cabo San Lucas in July.

Iskra first showed off a one-piece swimsuit that was black and featured one strap in a very simple yet elegant style. She did a little dance as she looked at the camera confidently and kept her hair in a casual messy bun.

The second swimsuit was a simple green one-piece with two straps, but the back was more decorated and featured a number of strings that connected. Iskra wore her hair parted in the middle and pulled back into a clip. She did a few model poses, clearly happy and relaxed.

The third swimsuit showed the model in a lavender color, and it featured a lower back with just two straps, though it was much tighter than the other suits. She wore her hair in two braided pigtails and smiled closely at the camera as she grabbed her hair.

The fourth swimsuit was a busty yellow number that was laced up in the center of the chest and much brighter than the other suits. Iskra left her hair down in beach waves and paired it with a bright blue pair of earrings.

Iskra Lawrence did a try-on video of her swimsuits during a Cabo vacation in July

In her caption, she explained to her followers that she took the video in July but did not post it until now because she has been so busy with motherhood. She said, “family always comes first,” and was the main reason why she didn’t post to Instagram on her vacation because she wanted “to be present.”

She also revealed in her caption that she will be sharing her favorite swimsuits to wear as bodysuits during the colder months, as well as for winter vacation, and she’ll be posting that in the coming weeks.

At the end of her post, Iskra told her Instagram followers that she needs to do a YouTube life update, as a lot has been happening with her companies. She’ll also be launching something that she and her husband, Philip Payne, have been working on for a few years.

Iskra Lawrence wearing a long gown
Iskra Lawrence is hoping to launch something soon with her husband, Philip Payne. Pic credit: © Thompson/AdMedia

Iskra posted a swimsuit picture for her 32nd birthday

The last swimsuit picture Iskra posted to Instagram was a green one-piece that had several cut-outs and made it look like a bikini. The swimsuit featured a large cut-out on the stomach and one strap with gold embellishments holding the pieces together.

In her caption, she revealed the post was for her 32nd birthday, writing, “Stepping into 32 feeling brand new (and a little tired) but mostly invigorated🎂.”

Iskra Lawrence promotes body positivity

Iskra also took to Instagram last week with a gal pal, Victoria Garrick Browne, to help promote Victoria’s podcast Realpod which has an episode featuring Iskra. The pair were casually dressed, with Iskra in an oversized, blue, button-down crop top and tight white pants.

The pair appeared to have an important life message featuring the words “when you stop counting calories.” They lipsynced the words, “Better ingredients, better pizza, better b**ches, better money, my clothes better, my shoes better, I work harder.”

Victoria captioned the post, “reminder: there is sooo much more to life than what you “can’t eat” for lunch today!!!”

The plus-size model takes body image very seriously and works hard to break down negative stereotypes. Last week, Iskra was back on Instagram to challenge the idea that women should cover up after giving birth.

In a video, the mother, who gave birth to a son in 2020, posed and danced in lingerie. She wrote the words, “This is me modeling lingerie, feeling confident and seggsy, just like I did before I was a mother because regardless of anyone else’s opinion I can be both and so can you.”

In the lengthy caption, Iskra wrote in part, “Made this for every person that’s told me I need to cover up now I’m a mama.”

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