‘Pistol’ Pete Sohren death: Baja Legend dead at 54 after fatal crash

Pistol Pete death crash
Pistol Pete tragically passed away following a fatal crash in San Felipe. Pic credit: Pete Sohren/ Instagram.

Pete Sohren, also known as Pistol Pete, died after a tragic accident that left two dead.  

Sohren’s cause of death was a collision in the dunes of San Felipe in a crash that also left three women injured, according to a local report.  

Pistol Pete was 54-years-old at the time of his death and was reportedly one of the drivers in the fatal crash at the off-road driving site in San Felipe, Baja California.  

Farrah and Paige Sohren were reportedly among those injured that were transported to a local hospital. 

Pete Sohren’s son Van Sohren took to Instagram to pay tribute to his father in a heartfelt Instagram post. Many fans have paid tribute to the legendary off-road racer. 

Pistol Pete appeared in History Channel series Truck Night in America. The series follows truck enthusiasts who show off their driving ability and customize their jeeps or trucks in each episode with the winner taking home a $10,000 prize.

The Baja legend brought attention to the off-road racing sport with his signature hairstyle and eccentric personality. Sohren died at the age of 54 after he was transported to the local hospital following the fatal crash. 

Pistol Pete Sohren ran a trophy truck business and raced in Baja for over 20 years. He won several competitions as a racer including 11 Trophy Truck podiums in SCORE and BITD races. 

Pete Sohren is survived by his wife and children. 

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