Pink soars through the sky in cutout ensemble after announcing TRUSTFALL album release

Pink looks stunning in all-black to celebrate new album release.
Pink shares a series of beautiful black-and-white photographs to honor the release of her new TRUSTFALL album. Pic credit: ©

The fan-favorite singer Pink is back again, and this time she’s sharing her incredible vocal ability in the form of a brand new album.

The iconic and edgy So What singer has announced a brand new album called TRUSTFALL that is set to be released on February 17.

However, in the meantime, Pink has been slowly releasing songs from the album before the masterpiece is fully released in mid-February.

In a recent share, the pop singer just announced another song release, and this time, it will be the song named after the album; TRUSTFALL.

The second pop song on the album is set to be released this Friday, January 27.

Luckily for fans, Pink recently shared a carousel of black-and-white photos that included some behind-the-scenes shots from the epic TRUSTFALL music video.

Pink is breathtaking in all black as she soars to new heights for her latest album release

The mesmerizing post was shared via Instagram and featured Pink rocking a completely black ensemble.

In the first slide, The Lady Marmalade star was captured balancing on a black beam while she was further attached to a harness.

Pink threw her arms out in the air while she stared at the camera, which was located below her.

The 43-year-old sported a black cutout top attached to a multi-layered skirt. The two masterfully crafted pieces coincided perfectly with one another.

She coordinated the black fit with none other than a pair of matching black platforms boots. The leather boots rode up slightly past her ankles while they gave the singer a bit more height.

In the second slide, the blonde beauty sported the same jaw-dropping outfit as she remained suspended in the air while she smiled and threw her arms out to the sides.

Some of the other slides included a close-up of Pink while she buckled her motorcycle helmet and another where she rode her number three motorcycle into the dark of the night.

Without a doubt, the iconic pop singer has made it known that she’s extremely excited for her new album to come out, and rightfully so.

With a memorable voice like Pink, it would only make sense that this TRUSTFALL album would fall under the same categories as all of the other albums: A masterfully crafted piece of artwork.

Fans can stream the new song, TRUSTFALL, this Friday, January 27, while they wait for the whole album to be released next month.

Pink partners with Pfizer Inc

In another recent post, Pink took a break from her busy work schedule to instead focus on a new partnership with Pfizer.

Pfizer is a health and medical company that was first formed from the visions of Charles Pfizer.

The company strives from a scientifically proven background that continues to move forth with the initiative to help make the world healthier.

However, Pink shared similar health interests and concerns with Pfizer, hence why she teamed up with the life-saving company.

In the post, the singer was spotted posing along a gray backdrop and slightly smiled while helping promote the brand.

She wore a lovely pink and brown striped cardigan and paired it with denim bottoms.

Her short-staple haircut was slicked over to the one side while she wore a pair of lovely white dangly earrings.

Pink is dedicated to helping make the world a better place, and fans certainly recognized her for it, as the post received just under 300k likes.

She captioned the post, “#ad Some behind the scenes 🎥 action on what I’ve been up to lately with @pfizerinc! I’ve had asthma my entire life. Did you know that puts me at high risk for severe # COVID-19? Unfortunately, I was unaware of this the first time I got COVID-19 so it’s super important to me that everyone knows what risk factors may put them at high risk too. This is why I want to help people Know Plan Go when it comes to COVID-19.”

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