Pink shares fitness and health advice with fans

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Pink is a fitness inspiration in Women’s Health magazine. Pic credit: © Collin/Image Press Agency

Few singers have enjoyed career longevity quite like Pink, and she just shared a hint about why her success has lasted decades.

The Lady Marmalade songstress has promoted a healthy lifestyle in her acrobat-themed concerts, which have shown the extent of Pink’s athleticism.

Additionally, Pink’s longtime husband, Carey Hart, made a living in extreme sports as a motocross competitor. 

It’s fair to say that fitness-oriented themes have been all-encompassing in multiple aspects of Pink’s life.

Therefore, Pink was a natural fit to appear in Women’s Health magazine, a publication dedicated to fitness and women’s issues.

As an independent woman and the embodiment of female empowerment, Pink was the perfect person for the magazine.

Pink strikes a pose for Women’s Health magazine

Pink graced the cover of Women’s Health magazine last month, but she reposted an image from the shoot over the weekend.

The picture, posted on Pink’s Instagram, saw the singer with her back to the camera and a beautiful smile.

The Philadelphia native placed her hands on her hips, wearing a black coat and matching underwear.

Photographer Andrew Macpherson captured the singer, a fact Pink referenced in her caption. 

Pink’s tresses were styled expertly with luster and vibrance.

To say Pink has been committed to fitness might be an understatement. The mother of two revealed in an interview accompanying the shoot that she worked out daily. 

While on tour, Pink said she turned things up a notch, exercising two to three times per day.

Although Pink may appear to be superhuman, even she has low points. 

Pink followed the Kushi diet to reboot her metabolism

During the pandemic, Pink gained the “quarantine fifteen” from overeating combined with a grueling hip and double disc replacement surgery.

When Pink returned to her grind, she couldn’t shed the pounds.

Pink told Women’s Health, “I couldn’t lose weight to save my life. I would work out three hours a day, eat clean, and my metabolism was a dud—I couldn’t get anything started.”  

The singer traveled to Alicante, Spain, where she attended the SHA Wellness Clinic, a two-week program that adhered to the Kushi diet. The Kushi diet features anti-inflammatory properties, and since inflammation causes disease, the food plan is preventative.

Before every meal, Pink drank apple cider vinegar, and she did not consume liquid while eating. She ate whole ingredients, like grains, legumes, and beans, soothing her system and reducing inflammation. Meditation and mindfulness were also practices implemented during the experience.

Pink was sad to be away from her family, but the health retreat was exactly what the doctor ordered.

The songstress returned home and completed her album Trustfall with a new, revitalized perspective.

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