Pink rocks cutout outfit in BTS footage for TRUSTFALL music video

Pink close up.
Pink shares some BTS footage of her new TRUSTFALL music video. Pic credit: © Hasegawa/HollywoodNewsWire

The sensational pop singer Pink is back, and she’s gifting the world with her ninth studio album.

The iconic and edgy Lady Marmalade singer shared some incredible, never-before-seen footage for her new TRUSTFALL video.

The song TRUSTFALL, named after the album, just released on Friday, January 27.

However, the full album won’t be released until later this month, on February 17.

In the meantime, fans can now watch the TRUSTFALL video on YouTube while they wait for the full album release.

Additionally, Pink was kind enough to share both the video and some BTS footage with her 9.2 million followers via Instagram.

Pink soars to new heights in her epic TRUSTFALL music video

In her recent Instagram share, Pink uploaded some fun BTS footage of all the hard work and incredible production that went into finalizing the video.

For the clip, the blonde beauty shared her experience on a machine that suspended her up in the air and spun her around while she neared the edge of a cliff.

After she got off the machinery, she said, “That was the best amusement ride that I’ve ever been on in my life. It was very, very scary when you first get up there and then once you get going, you forget. It’s literally like flying.”

As she talked into the camera, the 43-year-old sported a black and red cutout top that was attached to a black, multi-layered skirt. The two masterfully crafted pieces coincided perfectly with one another.

She coordinated the black fit with none other than a pair of matching black platforms boots. The leather boots rode up slightly past her ankles while they gave the singer a bit more height.

She accessorized with a couple of silver chains connected to her shirt, along with a pair of silver lock earrings.

In typical Pink fashion, she styled her short, staple haircut in blonde spikes, which complemented the rest of the edgy fit.

She added some shimmery eyeshadow on her lids for a smokey look, along with a bright shade of red across her lips.

She captioned the post, “BTS of the #TRUSTFALL video OUT NOW on my YouTube! 💜.”

Pink makes a special appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show

Pink also shared her memorable experience on the Kelly Clarkson Show, in which the two ladies ended up singing together.

As they sang together, the beautiful stars harmonized perfectly with one another, demonstrating their natural gifts.

The two singers also discussed Pink’s new album as they went back with a series of Q&As.

Pink and Kelly had a natural and effortless connection with one another, which made the conversation even more captivating.

For this particular interview, Pink wore a fitted black blazer along with a pair of loose red pants. She had her blonde hair spiked up while she sang her heart out on the show.

She captioned the post, “I ❤️ @kellyclarkson and had so much fun singing with her for an hour of Songs & Stories on @kellyclarksonshow. Tune in Monday, Feb 6! #favoritebackgroundsinger.”

Pink partners with Pfizer Inc

In another post, Pink took a break from her busy schedule to instead focus on a new partnership with Pfizer.

Pfizer is a health and medical company that was first formed from the visions of Charles Pfizer.

The company strives from a scientifically proven background that continues to move forth with the initiative to help make the world healthier.

Furthermore, Pink shared similar health interests and concerns with Pfizer, hence why she teamed up with the medical company.

In the post, the singer was spotted posing along a gray backdrop and slightly smiled while helping promote the brand.

For the shot, she wore a pink and brown striped cardigan and paired it with some denim bottoms, a black buckle belt, and dangly earrings.

Pink is dedicated to helping make the world a better place, and fans certainly recognized her for it, as the post received over 291,000 likes.

She captioned the post, “🧠 KNOW your risk for severe COVID-19. 📅 PLAN what to do if COVID-19 strikes. 🏃 GO ask your healthcare provider about authorized oral treatment options if you are at high risk and test positive. Along with a few other familiar faces, we’re making sure you know about these high-risk factors so you can take action if faced with COVID-19. To learn more, visit More from me soon ❤️.”

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