Peta Murgatroyd stuns in a bathrobe for Peta Jane

Peta Murgatroyd featured image
Peta Murgatroyd promotes Peta Jane with a photoshoot. Pic credit: ©

Peta Murgatroyd looked stunning as she posed in a series of photos. 

The Dancing with the Stars dancer had the photoshoot to promote her brand Peta Jane Beauty, which sells tanning products.  

She showed off her fantastic tan as she posed in a white robe in the first photo of the Instagram post. 

The professional dancer let her blonde locks flow in soft waves and accessorized the look with a necklace that had a pendant. 

Peta switched to a black robe in the second photo and posed while reading a magazine with a picture of Aubrey Hepburn. 

In the third photo, the stunning dancer flashed a smile as she lay down on a bed white a white duvet. 

The Instagram carousel she shared with her over 955,000 followers has more stunning shots. 

Peta Murgatroyd promotes Peta Jane Beauty with a stunning photoshoot

Peta showed her side profile with a smile as she wore a white sweater that highlighted her tan legs for another pose in the fourth photo. 

In the final snap, she put her legs in a bathtub while holding one of her Peta Jane products for a behind-the-scenes picture. 

Peta Murgatroyd and Maksim Chmerkovskiy expecting second child

The Latin dancer is currently expecting her second baby with her husband, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, after multiple miscarriages

They made the announcement last month in a social media post. The 36-year-old flashed her baby bump in spandex in recent photos. 

In an interview with PEOPLE, the dancer said the pregnancy was unexpected. 

“I didn’t even know I was pregnant for so long until I was really feeling sick. I danced through Dancing with the Stars with it,” she said to the outlet, continuing: 

“I started feeling weird, started feeling a little bit sick and a little bloated, and I didn’t want to test for weeks.”

Peta Murgatroyd shows her pregnancy gym workout

Peta showed her impressive gym routine with her personal trainer Larry Willis, and she did it while pregnant. 

“Come workout with me 💪🏻,” she wrote in the caption of the workout video. 

She started with a warm-up by walking for 10 minutes before performing 12 repetitions and three sets of leg presses. 

The New Zealand-born beauty then went for three-minute rounds on the 1/2 balance ball before doing another three rounds of the rope climb. 

Peta also did some resistance training with 12 reps and three sets of the shoulder press, and the same with the tricep press. 

She then did more cardio with the stair climber before working on her legs with the quad press machine and inner thigh machine. 

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