Paulina Porizkova uniquely celebrates being a grandma as she approaches 58

Paulina Porizkova selfie
Paulina Proizkova is showing off her one-of-a-kind grandma vibes as she approaches 58. Pic credit: @paulinaporiskov/Instagram

Supermodel and author Paulina Prozikova is back with body positivity in a unique way this week as she shares part of her “grandma” lifestyle.

The Czech-born model is preparing for her new age on her upcoming birthday, April 9, when she’ll turn 58.

Her “almost 58” checklist included “grandma,” “knitting,” and “fireplace,” all in that order and all achieved.

She noted that she is a proud step-grandma, and in her photo, she did, in fact, knit the sweater she has on, and she’s posed by a fireplace.

Not one to always stick to tradition, her grandma attire consisted of a matching bra and underwear under that knitted sweater and some tall black boots.

She seemed content with the fact that this is her at “almost 58” and added that the awesome boots were pricey but “unbelievably comfortable.”

Not every grandma or almost-58-year-old has the toned physique that Paulina does, but the former Sports Illustrated model looks incredible and is right: “Sexy has no expiration date.”

Paulina Porizkova stays fit through dancing and physical therapy

Paulina treats her life as a blessing, but that doesn’t mean that aging is always easy.

Ever the realist about her age, she has admitted to struggling with hip arthritis and will eventually need a hip replacement — but for now, she’s doing cortisone injections and some physical therapy to keep herself moving.

Her regular workout routines include different types of dancing, such as Zumba or Bollywood dancing classes, and intense workouts using a rowing machine.

However Paulina chooses to break a sweat, the results are undeniable, as her body is fit and toned as ever.

Paulina Porizkova teams up with Chicos 40-year celebration

Just as Paulina anticipates her 58th birthday approaching, the clothing brand Chico’s just celebrated their 40th birthday with a paid partnership with the supermodel.

Chico’s started in 1983 as a small gallery and now has over 500 boutiques across the United States, plus their online shop.

Paulina noted that Chico’s supported her and her book, incorporated the novel in their 40th celebration video and allowed her to do a reading at their store in Boca Raton.

She added that she has worked with Chico’s many times in her life, “but this last campaign has been my favorite.”

She continues to support the company as they make some of her favorite clothes, have women of all ages in their ads, and as they support Paulina right back.

As far as Paulina is concerned, both she and Chico’s are only “getting better with age.”

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