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Paulina Porizkova topless and without underwear for bath time soak

Paulina Porizkova at the premiere of "Florence Foster Jenkins". (NYC)
Paulina Porizkova stunned for a nude snap while relaxing in the bathtub as she enjoyed some downtime. Pic credit: ©

Paulina Porizkova seems to be getting back in touch with some of her more sensual side as the former supermodel has been hitting her fans with a welcome return to her showier and revealing posts following a lengthy hiatus from sharing her racier material.

After spending much of her Instagram time sharing snaps from her time as a contestant on the new reality series Beyond The Edge, in which the candid model and other celebrities like Jodie Sweetin and Colton Underwood competed in a Survivor-esque manner while working to raise money for their respective charities, Paulina has appeared to be sliding gracefully back into putting her fit body on display for her fans to enjoy.

Paulina showed some leg while topless in the bath

The stunning 57-year-old beauty and former guest judge on the hit Tyra Banks-led show America’s Next Top Model recently broke her topless/lingerie-clad fast with a sizzling picture that showed off her nearly-nude body as the clasped her chest area with one draped arm while wearing just lacy lingerie underwear on her lower parts.

Now, the internet sensation and positive body-image goddess got back at it once more as she lounged nude in a deep tub for a bubble bath moment while doing some work in Paris, France.

Paulina could be seen propping one sexy leg over the side of a large, white tub as she twisted her torso so that her arms rested on the tub edge and casually covered up her bust.

The ex-girlfriend of director Aaron Sorkin gave a beaming smile as she shared her soak session with her 788,000 followers, her golden-hued locks cascading down around her shoulders.

Paulina captioned the hot snap with “bathtub in the Brach was a highlight of parking my butt in comfort at the end of each magical day,” which the star followed up with the add-on description of her incredibly-lush hotel room and Eiffel Tower views.

Paulina isn’t afraid to call out internet trolls

With her more-revealing posts on the increase again, Paulina has proven many times in the past that she is not afraid to call out those internet trolls that pop up whenever she shares a view of her clothing-less physique.

Just this past May, the supermodel and activist hit back hard at one particular naysayer who skipped onto her Instagram page to body-shame her.

As reported by Monsters and Critics, Paulina sent a scathing message to the user, who penned, “You must be in so much pain to keep posting bikini pictures at your age,” before they went on to preach to her that “we all get old and ugly,” and Paulina “just had to fall from a greater height than the rest of us.”

Not wasting any time in responding, Paulina took matters into her own hands and decided to not only clap back at the criticizer but to do it in a front-and-center manner by re-posting her bikini pic with the comment in bold letters right next to it for all to see.

“I get comments like these every time I post a photo of my body,” Paulina said of the user’s negativity. “This is the ageist shaming that sets my teeth on edge.”

She added that “To perceive beauty you have to be able to SEE. This is why I believe we get more beautiful with age. We have earned our beauty, we understand what it is, and we can see it so much better. There is no such thing as ugly and old. Only shortsighted and ignorant.”

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  1. Paulina, You are a VERY incredible woman. I just wanted to share how incredible your husband was…

    love to you and whagt you do. XOXOXO


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