Paulina Porizkova shows off her insanely toned abs as she poses in a crop-top and sleek sweatpant jeans

Paulina Porizkova at The 2018 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue Launch Celebration in New York City.
Paulina Porizkova continued her hot-streak by showing off her body in another social media photo. Pic credit: ©

Paulina Porizkova continued her domination of social media this week with yet another glorious shot of her insanely toned abs.

Paulina showed again that age is just a number

The former supermodel and judge on the Tyra Banks-driven show America’s Next Top Model for cycles 10 to 12 showed off her incredible physique while posing casually, yet ever-glamorously at the same time, in a crop top and sweatpants that resembled jeans.

“Why am I so happy? Because Rag and Bone @ragandbone has finally, finally come back with the “jeans” which are in fact sweatpants,” she penned on her post, adding that “I never get on a plane NOT wearing them. I even bought another pair on eBay once, but they were too small. So imagine my delight that they are back!”

Paulina, who will be 57 in April, absolutely glowed as she leaned back against an elegant, black fireplace, beaming for the camera in her hip ensemble while also rocking bare feet with blue nail polish.

Paulina recently had the internet shook when she shared a photo wearing just a bra and stockings

The stunner is not shy to show the world her body, as she recently proved with a revealing shot taken in her bedroom.

Paulina had fans going crazy after she posted the photo, displaying her body in a sexy black bra and black stockings and nothing else.

Fans and stars alike were there for the sultry snap, practically breaking the web with their flurry of comments and searches about the post.

“❤️ I tell you. Still hotter than anyone else. Truth. And it’s really inspiring,” wrote the actress Selma Blair as another awe-struck follower echoed the sentiment, saying, “Seriously, the hottest. And the photo screams confidence which I LOVE. ???.”

Earlier this month, Paulina posed completely nude for the cover of The Times Magazine for a shoot that was reminiscent of the cover she did last year for the April edition of Czechoslovakian Vogue.

Paulina's comment section
Pic credit: @paulinaporiskov/Instagram

The model not only unabashedly displays her body but is also very vocal about how harsh the beauty industry can be, especially towards older women.

In what many found to be a very refreshing post, Paulina shared her thoughts about Botox while explaining why she has chosen not to pursue more invasive procedures.

She shared a snap of her face in black and white while dividing her features in half with a red line to highlight how beauty standards can push older women to turn to surgery to look younger.

On one half of the photo, Paulina circled the lines on her forehead, around her eyes, and next to her mouth.

The other side of the photo clearly showed those areas had been smoothed out, presumably using Photoshop, in order to help show what the industry would encourage women to “fix.”

“This is what it looks like to be an un-tweaked woman of 56,” she wrote in her lengthy caption next to the photo. “I, personally, want to see other women who haven’t tweaked, so I have a sense of what being my age looks like.”

She added that she has no objections to or criticisms of other women who choose to use fillers or have surgery to preserve their youth longer but that she personally wants people to see that it’s also okay to choose the other path.

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