Paulina Porizkova sets the internet on fire in a black bra and matching thigh highs

Paulina Porizkova snaps a selfie for Instagram
Paulina Porizkova posts selfie on Instagram. Pic credit: Instagram/@paulinaporizkov

Age hasn’t stopped Paulina Porizkova and she doesn’t plan to let it stop her any time soon.

The former Sports Illustrated model posted a new photo on Instagram that features her model physique.

The photo in question shows the 56-year-old model posing in lingerie and proves that she’s still in her prime.

Paulina Porizkova shares ‘getting ready’ photo

Porizkova hasn’t let age stop her and her celebration of herself when it comes to posing for and posting photos.

Her unapologetic and sexy photos are an integral part of her social media presence.

Seeing the model in lacy lingerie and thigh-high stockings isn’t necessarily surprising, but still, a pleasure to see.

Her messy hair look paired with the lingerie gives her a “just woke up” style, but she still maintains her elegance with her appearance.

The caption reads “Getting ready” and has hashtags “betweenjloandbettywhite,” “sexyhasnoexpirationdate” and “funatnight.”

Paulina Porizkova is no stranger to the criticisms she receives for posting sexy and mostly nude photos at her age, but that doesn’t stop her. If anything, it has inspired her to post more.

Paulina Porizkova on ageism and nudity

In an interview with Page Six, Porizkova goes all in about how she is criticized for her posts based on her age.

She admits that when her photoshop-free frontal nude with Vogue Czechoslovakia went viral, she didn’t even know that images could be edited. Although she thought that maybe she would have had photos edited if she had known, she says that she’s happy she didn’t.

She’s no stranger to the darker side of editing photos, adding that “the damage it’s doing is unbelievable. All these young girls look to those pictures and don’t necessarily know that it’s not real. Being immersed in that world … how inspiring is it to only see something that’s so out of your reach?”

Her stance to stay unfiltered has gathered quite a following online, but it’s attracted many harsh critics as well as fans. Porizkova said it’s actually surprising who the most common critics are because it’s not as many men as it is women.

“It’s not the men that are the worst critics, which is really interesting,” she noted. “[It’s] all the women my age going, ‘You’re desperate, you’re hungry, why don’t you just retire and take care of your children and your household?'”

The criticism she has received has only made her more inspired to post her real self and to continue celebrating herself and her body in an effort to combat ageism.

“I think we’ve made enormous strides in accepting all different sorts of beauty; I think size and color and all of these things that used to be so uniform now have broadened to a pretty spectacular [degree],” said Porizkova. “But age, ageism, that’s kind of like the last frontier.”

Regardless of any personal opinions on Paulina Porizkova and her revealing photos, one thing is certain: her own confidence can’t be beaten. The model has no intentions of discontinuing her posts or letting herself fall to her age. Instead, she only plans to keep celebrating.

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1 year ago

This is one crazy lady. She has no morals and is craving attention!!!

1 year ago

She didn’t set anything on fire. More BS media drama. Skinny women don’t do anything for anybody. Never heard of her either.

1 year ago

Sorry to say it, but she has souless eyes.