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Paulina Porizkova in skimpy bikini jumps on trampoline for Monday joy

Paulina Porizkova at a premiere.
Paulina Porizkova rocked a skimpy bikini while jumping on a trampoline to kick-start the week. Pic credit: © Schlein/StarMaxWorldwide

Paulina Porizkova got Monday started off with a bang as she shared some positive thoughts to go into the week ahead.

The 57-year-old former supermodel and positive body image advocate literally jumped into the first workday of the week, doing it in a way she does best.

Wearing an itty-bitty, gold-looking bikini, Paulina could be seen flying high while doing some morning trampoline flexibility displays, tucking her knees and legs underneath herself and spreading her arms wide.

Her dirty blonde hair bounced freely around her shoulders, and she sported a winning grin.

In true Paulina fashion, the former America’s Next Top Model judge made sure to spread some uplifting words while sharing her latest skin-baring snap, telling fans about her weekend reflections on living in the present moment.

“I’m not a big advocate for only living in the now- it can be an escape from dealing with things that should be dealt with,” she first explained.

She then said that she came to the understanding that, while looking towards the future for “hope” and the past for “introspection” are important views to maintain, they have prevented her from truly “living in the present.”

“So I’m working towards a better balance. Starting today.😁 Happy Monday everyone,” she concluded.

Paulina is no stranger to giving fans near-total glimpses of her fit physique as she often takes to her Instagram page to offer up words of wisdom and let them in on her personal life behind the scenes.

Paulina Porizkova goes nude for body positivity

Last month, Paulina hopped onto her social media site to give her thoughts on body image, asking fans to think about whether or not showing the aging female figure is “objectification or celebration.”

Going fully nude for the post, covering herself up with a sheet she held clasped against her chest as she leaned forward on a bed, Paulina told her followers that she had been pondering the difference between her younger modeling days and her current Instagram activity.

“In a patriarchal society, women have always been seen as objects of desire or nurture,” she said, later explaining that “Youth and beauty are such a strong currency.”

She said that in her older years, she has come to realize that the revealing modeling sessions of her younger days were done because someone else told her that was what the people wanted to see and she had to do it in order to maintain her status in her career.

However, Paulina said she now knows that when she shares suggestive pics in the present day, she is making the choice for herself with her own “full consent.”

Earlier in the summer, the model discussed her experiences with being shamed for deciding how much of her body to show.

Paulina Porizkova goes topless to discuss shame

Going topless while wearing lacy underwear, Paulina shared a lengthy contemplation regarding feelings of shame and embarrassment, delving more deeply into humans’ nature to compare.

“Did you know we are programmed, as humans, to compare ourselves to others?” she asked her fans.

She then talked about her struggles with comparing herself to other women her age. She shared that she will often be left with sensations of guilt about those moments while also saying it’s tough to avoid the simultaneous shame spiral that she can be easily sucked into when feeling a lack of worthiness.

Regardless of what she may be grappling with mentally on a daily basis, Paulina has continued to prove that she knows how to keep things real with her devoted fans.

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