Paulina Porizkova in lingerie sets sends fans a message

Paulina Porizkova
Paulina Porizkova’s face. Pic credit: @PaulinaPorizkov/Instagram

Paulina Porizkova is the type of celebrity who uses her platform to speak up about what she cares about the most.

She recently shared a series of stunning photos in lingerie taken by a young female photographer.

In the images, Paulina is seen revealing some extra skin and showing off her sexy side.

She used the caption on the photo collage to explain what her experience was like working with that young female photographer in order to bring the stunning pictures to life.

In two of the images, Paulina posed with a gorgeous robe draped over her shoulders. In the third shot, she uses her hand to hide her chest in a delicate and elegant manner.

In the fourth image, she shared the cover of her memoir including its official title for interested buyers.

Paulina Porizkova’s lingerie-clad photoshoot comes with a message

The lovely images of Paulina included a silk patterned robe paired with lacy tights that went halfway up her thigh.

Underneath the robe, she wore a matching lingerie set with a black bra and black underwear. She completed the look with a pair of sexy black heels.

In the third image from her photo collage, she wore a gold silk slip with thin spaghetti straps. Since there was no robe included in that image, her shoulders, upper chest, and arms were in plain sight.

In all of the images, Paulina wore her blonde hair parted to the side, filled with luxurious waves. She talked about the photo session with the young female photographer she worked with for the New York Times in her caption.

She described the results, saying they pleasantly surprised her because they shocked her (in such a good way) based on how lovely they turned out.

She also took the time to promote her memoir titled No Filter about true events from her personal life.

Paulina Porizkova looks flawless in a bikini

In the same way that Paulina looks amazing wearing lingerie, she also looks fabulous wearing a bikini.

In the fall, she shared a picture of herself wearing a colorful two-piece string bikini. She smiled at the camera inside an upscale home near a wooden sofa.

The color pattern of her bikini included purple, blue, teal, yellow, white, and orange. She was barefoot in the picture without any jewelry or signs of makeup. She did wear her blonde hair wavy and wild down her back.

At the time, she used her caption to compare the differences in career paths for models and athletes who both start making moves in their industries at young ages.

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