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Paulina Porizkova goes nearly-nude to talk about shame

Paulina Porizkova
A nearly-nude Paulina Porizkova talks about body shaming and how she overcomes it. Pic credit: ©

Swedish model and actress Paulina Porizkova is known for her good looks, even at the age of 57. The former Sports Illustrated cover girl frequently lets her followers know that being sexy doesn’t have an expiration date, and she plans to stay confident regardless of her age.

Paulina frequently takes to Instagram to share selfies of herself and express her thoughts, whether it’s about herself, what’s going on in the world, or how humans compare themselves to others.

In her most recent post, now removed, Paulina stands in a lavish room while leaning against a small dresser. The model is only wearing a pair of white lacey undies and black heels as she uses her arm to cover her chest.

The reason? To discuss the way humans constantly compare themselves to those around them.

Nearly nude Paulina Porizkova discusses comparing herself to others

Standing center in the photo while surrounded by yellow wallpaper and matching furniture, Paulina begins her post, “Did you know we are programmed, as humans, to compare ourselves to others?”

As she poes almost entirely nude, the painting behind her echoes her position as it shows a woman standing from behind, nearly nude save for fabric covering her backside.

Paulina continues, “We can’t avoid comparing. But we can control our reactions to the comparisons.”

Paulina Porizkova's Instagram post which has now been removed
Pic credit: @paulinaporizkov/Instagram

According to Paulina, Instagram removed the post for “sexual solicitation” with no opinion to review.

In the lengthy caption of the since-removed post, Paulina writes that she is “a 57 year old woman, starting my life over.” She confesses that she compares herself to women the same age as her “all the time,” adding, “When I fit in- but somehow feel like I also stand out in a positive way, I feel good about myself. When I fail, I feel ashamed.”

While she says shame makes her feel like she’s “not good enough,” she doesn’t follow her first instinct, which is to “shame the person who has caused my shame.” 

She explains, “The antidote to shame, which is all inward and egocentric, is empathy. Facing out, with spiritual generosity. When I recognize my shame: ‘I don’t look as young, I’m not as rich, or pretty or successful or accomplished or as loved’ – as the woman I am comparing myself to, I can turn it around. I can allow her to inspire me instead. I can celebrate and admire, instead of throwing mud. And that’s a win for all.”

Despite any feelings of shame she might feel, Paulina knows that her body is good and knows how to love herself.

Paulina Porizkova celebrates her aging body

Paulina ends her vulnerable post on a positive note, writing, “To all you, my fellow sisters, notice the crepeyness of my lower belly, which is what happens when you’ve borne two kids, are thin and 57, regardless of how good your abs are. I’ve decided to think of it as kinda sexy- like rumpled silk sheets instead of a smoothly made bed. It has a history of making love.”

This isn’t the only positive and loving sentiment Paulina has ever shared regarding her aging body.

She frequently uses the hashtag #sexyhasnoexpirationdate to celebrate her body no matter how old she is getting. As far as her fans and 778,000+ followers are concerned, she has every right to stay confident.

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