Paulina Porizkova explains the inner workings of ‘secret beauty’

Paulina Porizkova selfie
Paulina Porizkova talks about ‘secret beauty’ in a stunning share. Pic credit: @paulinaporizkov/Instagram

Supermodel and author Paulina Porizkova is back not just to discuss beauty but to share some of hers with the world as well.

At 57, she knows that her body has changed and will continue to change for as long as she is able to keep living her life, and she has been embracing the changes since they are just a natural part of being an aging human.

However, given her status as a model who has continued her work as she’s gotten older, she knows that there are limits to beauty that can be imposed by the industry. She openly told fans on Instagram, “You get pretty privilege until you age out of it.”

Regardless of her age, Paulina’s stunning share captivated her fans with her own beauty as she amassed over 67,000 likes on the post earlier this week.

The shot showed the model-turned-author standing in front of a bright window and holding a shimmering gown up to her body — which was nude, save for a pair of heels.

She further explained that the work that went into creating the gorgeous gown was very similar to the workings of “secret beauty,” or, as she refers to it later, the “inner beauty” that really makes a person shine.

She concluded her post by noting that inner beauty is what truly makes a person beautiful and unique, and totally themselves.

“It will never go out of style, because it’s never really been in style. It’s timeless,” she wrote of inner or “secret” beauty, adding, “Secret beauty doesn’t age. It only gets better the more it’s worn.”

Paulina Porizkova accepts aging as gracefully as possible

One simple truth of life is that if you’re going to keep living, you’re going to age, whether you want to or not. Although this can be a huge insecurity for some or even a source of anxiety, Paulina has decided to roll with it and try to keep her body in the best shape she can.

At the beginning of the year, she announced that she was “finally comfortable in her own skin” and would continue to embrace her body no matter how others may view it.

Although it can be nerve-wracking, she’s come to find a few ways to help ease her anxiety over the years, primarily in fitness.

She previously revealed that by doing her workouts, her anxiety symptoms lessened. Some of her favorite workouts include Zumba classes and Bollywood dancing, though she also enjoys rowing classes. However, she stays away from running.

Paulina Porizkova opens up on the realities of aging

One reason Paulina avoids running is because the action doesn’t feel that great on her knees, possibly a sign of aging. Another health issue she’s dealing with in age is hip arthritis.

She revealed earlier this week that she gets cortisone shots in her hips to help with the pain and inflammation, and even included a picture of the lengthy needle used to give the injections.

Though she and her doctor are doing what they can to ease her pain, she knows that one day, she will have to have a hip replacement, as is common as the body ages.

However, she’s not letting that get her down. While she tries to push back the hip replacement for as long as possible, she finds beauty in the whole ordeal, as she knows that the wisdom she’s gained throughout her life is beautiful.

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