Paulina Porizkova encourages fans to love and celebrate their bodies in inspiring post

Paulina Porizkova up close
Paulina Porizkova celebrates herself with a touching video tribute. Pic credit: @paulinaporizkov/Instagram

Supermodel and author Paulina Porizkova is ever the advocate for women accepting their bodies as they age and following their own path, and she has her own path set in front of her.

As her 58th birthday approaches in April, the former Sports Illustrated model isn’t letting her age become a negative factor in her life; after all, growing older is inevitable.

For much of 2022 and all of 2023 so far, Paulina has focused on being thankful and grateful for her body and showing herself and her vessel on this earth the most love she can — whether she’s bundled up for winter or playing in a bikini on the beach.

In a recent share on Instagram, Paulina shared a video clip with different photos of her splashing around and posing in the ocean’s tide, looking happy, youthful, and glowing in a red-hot bikini.

Over the video, Paulina typed out text from author Kerry Egan’s book, On Living. The text describes an older woman who will miss many things when she’s gone, but most of all, will miss her own body.

As she showed appreciation for her own body, she went further into the text in her caption, adding more text from On Living regarding the things people often regret feeling about their bodies and the wonderful experiences their bodies gave them in life.

At the end of the caption, she concluded, “So, dance. And taste and smell and feel. And love the body, your body, that makes it all possible.”

Paulina Porizkova gets brutally honest about her health

Although it’s no secret that a healthy diet and exercise will help keep the mind and body in tip-top shape, Paulina learned very young that she was lucky with her genetics and her poor nutrition to stay in shape without doing all the work. But by the time she was 40, she knew that life wouldn’t be sustainable forever.

As she’s gotten older, the model has reshaped her ideas around exercise, mental health, and dieting to make sure she can live as happily and healthily as possible while she’s around.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, one thing she learned was that exercise greatly reduced her depression and anxiety, and she was able to wean off of antidepressants by keeping exercise into her routine. While there’s no shame in taking them, it’s certainly impressive to see the results of natural endorphins in action!

She doesn’t like running, but especially after her time on Dancing with the Stars, Paulina learned she likes dancing and Zumba and will even do some rowing classes for a more vigorous workout.

Along with exercise, Paulina has made the 16/8 fasting diet work for her, so she has eight hours each day that she can consume calories in, and the other 16 hours are spent calorie-free.

Paulina Porizkova defies the idea of ‘aging gracefully’ with Vogue Scandinavia

Paulina recently shared her experience aging with Vogue Scandinavia, where she vehemently denied the idea of aging gracefully.

She penned, “Aging gracefully? In our culture, for women, this means preserving your youth. Or at least, look like it. Or – remove yourself from the world to sit and ponder the past while you serve those in need.”

For Paulina, the idea of aging gracefully came with a simple solution: “F**k that.”

She added, “Aging is the privilege of living a long life.”

She confirmed that while there are hardships, battles, and struggles with aging, and there are changes that no one can stop when you grow older, it is better to see the value in those changes and to “fight to be seen and valued for the person you have become.”

The inspirational message resonated with her followers as she received many comments and over 55,000 likes on her post, proving that Vogue Scandinavia made the perfect choice with Paulina’s cover issue.

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