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Paulina Porizkova, 57, in bikinis and topless for new summer campaign

Paulina Porizkova
Paulina Porizkova has scored a new summer modeling gig. Pic credit: @paulinaporizkov/Instagram

Supermodel Paulina Porizkova has been modeling since she was first discovered at 13 and doesn’t appear to be stopping as she enters her late 50s.

The former Sports Illustrated model is a big advocate for accepting aging with grace and is always sure to let people know two things: “Sexy has no expiration date” and she’s somewhere “between JLo and Betty White.”

She hasn’t let aging stop her or limit her accomplishments as she boasts the career title of author along with model.

Paulina has remained a stunner as she’s grown older, often sharing unfiltered pictures of herself to remind fans that aging is natural and real and nothing to be ashamed of.

She recently signed on to a new gig in her modeling career as the new face of clothing brand La Ligne’s summer campaign.

WWD noted that Paulina first found La Ligne online and supported them as a customer before becoming their new cover girl.

Paulina Porizkova arches back for new modeling campaign

Paulina’s Instagram post advertising the campaign opens with a shot of her leaning back on a lounging chair with her hands resting under her head. She sports a beige and black-striped cardigan with a yellow bikini top and black bikini bottoms.

The next two photos show the model in two dresses, one pink and one white. In the first photo, she appears to be laughing while the next is much more stoic.

The fourth photo shows her standing on a balcony, one hand on the rail as she wears orange shorts and a matching orange button-up- unbuttoned with no top underneath. She models the unbuttoned look in the following picture, this time with long blue pants and a white cardigan with black stripes, with no shirt underneath.

The two following photos feature a couple of different bikini tops on the model complete with matching cardigans before the post closes with a classic model’s pose as she stands with one arm around her hand and the other lifting the side of her sweater.

At the bottom of her caption, she wrote, “A personal aside- I now own all of these pieces. Lucky me!!!”

Paulina Porizkova discusses dating in her late 50s

Paulina was married to her husband Ric Ocasek for 30 years; from 1989 up until he passed away in 2019. Paulina has admitted that it didn’t take long in their marriage for her to feel like her husband wasn’t interested in her.

When he passed, it was revealed that she was removed from his will along with his two sons from his previous marriage. Though it was hard, Paulina eventually settled with his estate.

Now that a few years have passed, Paulina has tried to get back into dating, though she says it doesn’t work out too well now that she’s in her 50s. The men are looking for younger women, something she isn’t unaware of.

“This could be said about my husband,” she told You magazine. “Now when I see a man in his 60s going out with a 30- or 40-year-old, that tells me all I need to know.”

As of June this year, she was using the celebrity dating app, Raya, following her breakup with Aaron Sorkin last year.

When discussing what she looks for in a partner, she confessed she “doesn’t care about looks.” She added, “I’m attracted to talent. Yes, intellect is sexy, but creativity gets me. I’m into writers. I really should stop being into writers because it hasn’t been good for me.”

“I would say absolutely no more rock stars and no actors. There’s too much narcissism. But I’m old enough to know there are always exceptions. I have met some nice, sweet men who were so intimidated by me that they either couldn’t speak or they ended up just talking about themselves the entire time.”

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