Paulina Porizkova, 57, calls out cosmetic surgeon for ‘discussing’ how to ‘fix’ her face

Paulina Porizkova
Paulina Porizkova claps back at a cosmetic surgeon for their unwarranted ideas about what procedures she needs. Pic credit: @paulinaporizkov/Instagram

Former Sports Illustrated model Paulina Porizkova is fed up with a cosmetic surgeon’s suggestions on how to “fix” her face.

The 57-year-old former supermodel has been accepting her age and looks for quite some time, instilling confidence in herself and others by using phrases such as “sexy has no expiration date,” “somewhere between JLo and Betty White,” and “you’re beautiful just the way you are.”

She posted Friday morning that she had come across a video on Instagram where a cosmetic surgeon posted one of her selfies and began going over what needed to be fixed.

The post has since been deleted, as she noted, “I was looking for it this morning to post the repost,” but is fed up with having to deal with these unwarranted suggestions about looks.

She shared the same selfie the surgeon had shared as she “thought she looked great” in it and noted, “This is what an older woman in the public eye gets to deal with. I’m told my face needs’ fixing’. It has somehow gone “wrong” by aging. Is it any wonder that most of us who have the means will resort to some forms of fixing what we’re told is broken?”

As the post continued, she opened up about different treatments that she had but added that no one “needs” to do anything to be beautiful or attractive and that women should support each other.

Paulina Porizkova discusses cosmetic procedures and self image

Paulina revealed to her followers that she has had laser treatments done “and the plasma pen,” as she attempts to find “a balance between being proud to look my age and still get to feel pretty at times.”

She adds that as a model, she often has to see her own face in large detail and sometimes still struggles to accept herself.

However, as she works to inspire herself to feel better, she wants that same support to go out to women across all age groups. Largely, she wants women to be able to age without the opinions of others weighing them down.

Most important though is the fact that women need to support each other.

Paulina Porizkova calls for women to support each other

She calls for people to stop telling women to go through different cosmetic procedures and treatments and to stop telling them what cosmetic products to buy, to stop “shaming” women.

She posed the question, “If she doesn’t ask for help, are you really helping?”

She ended the post by advising her followers to find the beauty in their friends and let them know and celebrate it.

Along with inspiring women, Paulina has inspired men to feel better about their aging bodies as well. Earlier this year, Ty Pennington thanked her for her phrases when he opened up about being body shamed as he’s grown older.

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