Paulina Gretzky shares custom dress for glam shot

paulina gretzky selfie
Paulina Gretzky modeled her latest custom dress and glam. Pic credit: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

Paulina Gretzky is known for dazzling in an array of glamorous looks. She recently revealed her latest custom dress for another stunning addition to her social media snaps.

The daughter of NHL legend Wayne Gretzky rocked a primarily white form-fitting sleeveless dress with a plunging top and green stripes on the bottom hem.

She tagged Lauren Gabrielson as the designer of the custom dress. The 34-year-old stunner paired it with mostly white low-top sneakers with a bit of green trim and a green purse to add additional color to the look.

Based on the image, she also had her fingernails painted green to match her ensemble’s other bits of green.

Beyond her purse, not many accessories were part of the dress reveal. Paulina kept her wavy locks flowing past her shoulders and didn’t go outside the box for her makeup, keeping it simple.

The NHL legend’s daughter struck a pose against a white door as her backdrop, standing on a hardwood floor inside a small room or hallway leading to one. Along with the beautiful dress, her slender, tan, and toned frame was highlighted in the shot.

paulina gretzky ig story screenshot
Paulina Gretzky models her white custom dress from Lauren Gabrielson. Pic credit: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

Paulina Gretzky reveals glam to go with her attire

In an Instagram photo post shared earlier this week, Paulina also shared details on who assisted in her stunning appearance for modeling the custom dress.

She credited celebrity makeup artist Hailey Hoff who used soft pink lipstick to go with dark lashes and expertly-done eyebrows.

Paulina also tagged Los Angeles-based hair colorist Adriana Pinto for helping with her gorgeous wavy locks.

Paulina’s close-up shot revealed a closer view of her makeup, hair, stunning complexion, and the upper portion of her custom dress. The IG share led to over 30,000 likes and 280-plus comments giving feedback about her look.

That post above was also Paulina’s first in over a month, as she previously took to Instagram in early March. The IG carousel was among her latest shares to show various bikini highlights.

Paulina Gretzky’s workout routine

Almost nine years ago, Paulina appeared on the cover of Golf Digest’s Fitness Issue due to her relationship with golfer Dustin Johnson, to whom she was engaged. They’re now married, and they have two sons together.

Paulina was in a behind-the-scenes video that gave viewers a glimpse at the photo shoot for the May 2014 Golf Digest issue.

As far as her diet and fitness, that was part of the issue, too, with Paulina revealing she used moderation when it came to what she consumed. She also credited dancing as her best weapon in fitness.

“I used to run every day, and I absolutely loved it. It was like meditation for me. I also loved kickboxing,” she told Golf Digest.

“What really kept me in great shape was dancing. Lately, I’ve been constantly on the go, so I don’t get to run much anymore. Now I’m doing workout videos every day. If you don’t want to go to the gym and would rather work out alone, all you have to do is find a workout on YouTube.”

Even though her advice was handed out in 2014, it still makes sense today as the internet, including YouTube, is full of free workout videos and tips to help others. Paulina continues to look incredible in the array of outfits she models online, suggesting she’s still keeping an eye on her fitness.

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