Paulina Gretzky dazzles in a gorgeous dress for rehearsal dinner

Paulina Gretzky poses for a tropical photo.
Paulina Gretzky showed off her stunning figure in a thigh-skimming minidress for a special event. Pic credit: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

Paulina Gretzky got her flirt on as she and her husband, golfing professional Dustin Johnson, stepped out for a glamorous evening together.

The 33-year-old daughter of ice hockey legend Wayne Gretzky proved that she knows how to slay any outfit while showcasing her stunning figure.

Although Paulina did not specify in her photo exactly where she and Dustin were or what they were doing, other shots from the star’s social media account alluded to the power couple attending a friend’s wedding rehearsal dinner.

A background dotted with lush, green trees lay out behind them, and a golf cart awaiting the pair had their names penned on its side and sat idling on the road.

The trees shrouded most of the scenery, but a hint of a beautiful house peeked out between the vegetation.

To add to the allure of the shot, a thickly-woven garland of emerald-green fronds and white flowers wrapped around some posts just to Paulina and Dustin’s front.

Paulina Gretzky sizzles in thigh-skimming minidress

Although the lightly-gray skies, speckled treeline, and cart decor were undeniably visually captivating, Paulina was the one who really stole the show with her figure-hugging number.

Giving a dashing glance back at the camera, Paulina flashed a brilliant smile, giving fans a look at the pearly whites tucked between her pink-hued lips.

Showing legs for days, the five-foot-eight-inch stunner elongated her already-lengthy frame by adding sparkling silver heels to her bare feet.

Paulina Gretzky and her husband attend a rehearsal dinner.
Pic credit: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

Paulina’s glitzy attire shone against the asphalt, greenery, and stark black-and-white of the golf cart, adding some much-needed pizazz to the atmosphere.

Sporting a thigh-skimming hemline at the bottom, the dress appeared to contain a smattering of crystal-encrusted patterns that ran down and around the bodice, culminating in a floral arrangement at her rear.

The gown’s champagne-colored tint played perfectly with Paulina’s peachy skin tone, and she kept her imperfection-free face looking fresh with some light foundation and outlining mascara.

While Paulina and Dustin continue to rock the internet with their presence, followers might wonder just how the mom of two stays looking so trim and toned.

Paulina Gretzky talks about her exercise routine

In an interview with Golf Digest, Paulina opened up about her fitness rituals, telling the magazine that a lot of her looks come down to having good genetics.

“First of all, I was blessed with incredible genes. Look at my parents!” the model joked.

“But it’s really 70 percent diet and 30 percent working out. It’s all about fitting in some exercise wherever you are.”

She went on to explain that running used to be her go-to workout, saying she also loves throwing in some kickboxing and dancing to work different muscles.

These days, Paulina shared that she has gotten so busy that running has been difficult to tackle, so she has learned to get her sweat in by using online exercise videos.

Paulina added that she enjoys cheat food just like anyone else, telling GD that it’s all about moderation when it comes to staying conscious about consumption.

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