Paulina Gretzky continues to show off gorgeous Italian vacation pics

Paulina Gretzky poses with a flower in her hair.
Paulina Gretzky continued to show off her incredible Italian get-away. Pic credit: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

Paulina Gretzky continued her social media domination as she showed off more stunning pics from her Italian getaway with her husband Dustin Johnson.

The model and mother of two likely had all her fans drooling over the warm-looking surroundings as Paulina kept up with her daily sharing from her special trip away from the kids.

Posing in a fun two-piece for a bathroom selfie, Paulina looked as lean and trim as always as she held up her phone in front of her face so her features were mostly covered.

Leaving her ombre locks down to hang around her shoulders for a relaxed vibe, Paulina showed off her svelte physique while wearing a fun bikini.

The bandeau-style top formed a sweetheart neckline across her chest, and the black material matched her phone case perfectly.

Making sure to go with a peppy item for her romantic vacay, Paulina’s pick for the day sported stand-out, floral pop-ups that swirled around the middle of her chest as well as on the side of one of her bikini bottom hip straps.

Paulina Gretzky poses in a floral bikini.
Paulina Gretzky poses for a mirror pic. Pic credit: @paulinagretzky/Instagram

As the stunner makes staying slim seem effortless and easy, Paulina has shared that she has to put in the work just like anyone else to stay fit.

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Paulina Gretzky shares her tricks to staying so fit

Speaking with Golf Digest in the past, Paulina shared that her tricks for keeping her figure looking so amazing involve a mix of genetics and hard work behind the scenes.

“First of all, I was blessed with incredible genes. Look at my parents! But it’s really 70 percent diet and 30 percent working out. It’s all about fitting in some exercise wherever you are,” she explained.

While genetics may have a lot to do with Paulina’s slender frame, she also said she pays attention to what she eats while allowing herself to enjoy cheat days, as well.

“It’s as simple as Everything in Moderation. I’ll eat pizza and cheeseburgers, but I won’t do it every day,” she said.

In terms of working up a sweat, Paulina prefers to run and kickbox when she has time, but during busy days she uses workout videos that allow her to squeeze in her exercise before she heads out the door.

Paulina often shares stunning snaps of herself clad in minimal attire to further prove how much she has dialed in her diet and exercise to her benefit, and the star recently rocked another gorgeous two-piece that also showed she isn’t afraid of the snow.

Paulina Gretzky poses in sparkly underwear in the snow

In a recent Instagram post, Paulina left followers nearly speechless as she rocked another glamorous two-piece.

Using the snowy scenery around her as her posing playground, Paulina could be seen rocking a silvery set that looked to be underwear and not a swimsuit.

She stood on a high deck outside, wearing tan slippers and gray socks to protect her feet from the inch of fresh snow that covered the planks of wood.

Showing off her flat midsection and toned legs in her matching bra and underwear, Paulina added a fluffy fur coat to her upper half to let fans see she knows how to handle the cold despite her lack of clothing.

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