Paulie Calafiore cheating scandal with Danielle Maltby resurfaces after The Challenge airs: Is he dating Cara Maria Sorbello now?

Paulie Calafiore from Big Brother has moved on to The Challenge
Paulie Calafiore is currently on The Challenge with his new love interest

Paulie Calafiore has made quite a name for himself, but not in a good way. His reality television career began on Big Brother, and since then, things have hit a downward spiral.

Ladies are attracted to Paulie because he is good looking. It happened on Big Brother, and now, it has happened on The Challenge. Although it wasn’t planned, Calafiore ended up hurting the one woman who stood by him in the worst way.

Viewers may remember Danielle Maltby from The Bachelor franchise. It looked like she may have ended up with Wells Adams, but that was not the case.

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Maltby was in a relationship with Paulie Calafiore when he left to film The Challenge.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning premiered on MTV and immediately it was clear Paulie Calafiore was attracted to Cara Maria Sorbello. She has been a fixture in reality television as well, and the two hit it off as soon as they met at the airport.

Rumors of cheating began swirling back in June, which prompted Paulie Calafiore to issue a statement about his behavior. He did indeed cheat on Danielle Maltby, something he claims he isn’t proud of.

The attraction to Cara Maria Sorbello was something he wasn’t expecting, but he did act on it. Clearly, Paulie and Danielle are over after the cheating scandal on The Challenge.

Currently, Cara Maria Sorbello and Paulie Calafiore are still seeing one another. She spoke out in an interview confirming the relationship. While there are no labels, they have fun together and there is no one else in the picture for either one of them.

This mess is something viewers are still talking about and many of them have strong opinions about what Paulie Calafiore did to Danielle Maltby.

The Challenge: Final Reckoning airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on MTV. 

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