Paula Abdul has a meltdown when she’s unable to solve Celebrity Wheel of Fortune puzzle

paula abdul appeared on celebrity wheel of fortune
Paula was a contestant on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Pic credit: ©

Former American Idol judge Paula Abdul was unhappy during her Celebrity Wheel of Fortune appearance.

The iconic singer, dancer, and choreographer had trouble solving a puzzle and expressed her frustration.

During her turn at the wheel, Paula told longtime Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak she had trouble coming up with the last word in a puzzle in the “Before and After” category.

“It’s the last word, and I’m having …” Paula complained to Pat, who responded, “If you don’t know the last word, then why would you try to solve it?”

“I’d rather spin!” was Paula’s reply as she showed off her flexibility with a leg kick as she bent down to spin the wheel.

The Forever Your Girl crooner narrowly escaped hitting “Bankrupt.” When she landed on the $600 slot, she chose the letter “N” to help her solve the puzzle.

Paula Abdul was not happy when she couldn’t correctly solve her puzzle board

The puzzle board revealed the letters “THE / GOO_ / THE / _A_ / AN_ / THE / _G_ _ / S_EATE_.”

Frustrated but having fun with her turn, Paula told Pat, “Okay, okay, okay!” as he tried to explain how a before-and-after clue works.

Paula, 61, began to mouth a possible puzzle solution to herself before voicing, “The good, the bad, and the ugly…,” but couldn’t figure out the last word.

Paula screamed in frustration as she shook her hands before Pat told her, “Uh, that is incorrect,” and the buzzer sounded.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune viewers react to Paula’s segment

Paula’s segment entertained Celebrity Wheel of Fortune viewers, who commented on a clip from ABC’s YouTube page.

One fan of the show was impressed with Pat Sajak’s “perfect comic timing.”

“Great episode overall,” wrote another Celebrity Wheel of Fortune fan.

One fan of the show who found Paula’s segment humorous penned, “Paula! 😂😂😂😂😂.”

Poking fun at Paula’s interaction with Pat, another commenter posted, “‘Nnnwwaaaaahhhhh!’ ‘Uhh, That it incorrect.’ bzzzzzt!”

Another YouTube commenter said of Paula, “Hahahaha!!! I love her on American Idol judge in Season 8.”

celebrity wheel of fortune viewers react to paula abdul's performance
Celebrity Wheel of Fortune viewers were entertained by Paula. Pic credit: @ABCNetwork/YouTube

Paula’s Holiday Edition appearance on Celebrity Wheel of Fortune was entertaining, at the very least, and aimed at a good cause.

The Grammy and Emmy award-winning star/former L.A. Lakers cheerleader competed against  Lil Rel Howery and Matt Rogers and played to benefit the charity Wigs and Wishes, which provides wigs to women and children battling cancer and have lost their hair.

Before the episode, Paula uploaded a video to her Instagram feed, telling her fans and followers that she was ready to have some fun, although she’d never “done this before.”

“But I’m excited to just let go and not think about it too much,” Paula added.

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on ABC and can be streamed on Hulu.

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