Pat Sajak seemingly mocks Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestant’s fame

pat sajak poses for photos at an emmy awards event
Pat joked with an actress on a recent episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune. Pic credit: ©

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak often uses humor while interacting with contestants.

Such was the case during a recent episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune.

During an interview segment with one of the recent guests, Lauren Lapkus, Pat cracked a joke that may have come off as demeaning to some.

Lauren, who played for the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, was asked about being recognized while making guest appearances.

“When you do a lot of guest appearances, you must get that look like, ‘Why do I know you?'” Pat began.

Lauren replied, noting that it actually does happen to her and explaining, “Oh, it totally happens. When I’m at the airport, someone’s like, ‘Did we go to school together?'”

Pat Sajak discusses Celebrity Wheel of Fortune contestant Lauren Lapkus’ acting career during her interview

“And I’ll let it go on for a long time because I don’t wanna – what if we did, you know?” Lauren continued. “And then I’m like being rude saying, ‘I’m an actor.'”

“‘No, you were in my geology class,'” she quipped.

Pat’s next response was in jest, but it could have been misconstrued as taking a shot at Lauren’s career, insinuating that her status is less-than-A-list.

Pat chuckled along with Lauren’s story before responding, “Or do they make you list your credits, and they say, ‘No, I didn’t see that?'”

Lauren was a good sport about it, however, and even revealed that she actually had something similar happen to her recently during a Trader Joe’s excursion with her daughter.

She explained that the curious fan recognized her but couldn’t quite put a finger on where they had seen her acting.

“And I was like, ‘Uh uh, I was in Jurassic World. I’m trying to buy groceries… I feel really lame telling you the things I was in!” Lauren told the fan.

What has Lauren starred in?

If you’re not familiar with Lauren’s acting career, here’s a rundown of her most notable work in the entertainment field.

Lauren — who is an actress, comedian, impressionist, and podcaster — has starred as Susan Fischer in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, Jess in the HBO series Crashing, and has appeared on Are You There, Chelsea?, Hot in Cleveland, Clipped, The Big Bang Theory, and Good Girls.

As far as her movie career is concerned, Lauren has appeared in Jurassic World, The Unicorn, and The Wrong Missy. She has also voiced Lotta in the animated series Harvey Girls Forever!

Lauren also performs improv and sketch comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles.

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