Pat Sajak issues apology after insulting Wheel of Fortune contestant on air

Pat poses on the red carpet to accept an Emmy award. Pic credit: ©

Host Pat Sajak quickly realized he owed a contestant an apology during a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune.

The blunder occurred live on-air with a contestant (Emily) who had trouble solving the bonus word puzzle.

Unfortunately for Emily, she couldn’t solve the puzzle, which read, “Very Ambitious.”

Following her incorrect guess, Pat told Emily, “It wanted to come out, it just didn’t. [The correct answer is] very ambitious.”

“I am that!” Emily responded.

Pat retorted, “You are, I know, and yet you didn’t get it!” before quickly realizing he owed Emily an apology.

“Oh, sorry,” Pat added.

While Emily didn’t come away with a win – missing out on $40,000 – another recent Wheel of Fortune contestant became a big winner and impressed the hosts while she was at it.

Pat Sajak and Vanna White were impressed with a recent contestant

As Monsters and Critics previously reported, a 92-year-old contestant named Liz, alongside her son KC, walked away a big winner with $65,500 in total winnings for the evening.

Despite her age, Liz was a whiz at the wheel, solving puzzles with ease.

Her skill and determination impressed Pat and his co-host, Vanna White, who called Liz’s appearance on Wheel of Fortune her favorite in 41 years.

“Liz, I have to tell you, you are my favorite show in 41 years. You made this show so special! Thank you so much!” Vanna told Liz in an interview following her episode.

Liz also told Pat’s daughter, Wheel of Fortune Social Correspondent Maggie Sajak, that competing on the popular weeknight game show was “way up at the top” of her lifetime adventures.

Pat Sajak’s backstage controversy

As Monsters and Critics also reported in recent weeks, another Wheel of Fortune contestant, Michael Colen, shared his experience on the show and claimed that Pat issued him a stern warning backstage.

Michael told The Sun that during a filming break, Pat approached him and said, “You know, Michael, this is my show, right?”

“I guess I got a little too close to that line, and then he gave me the warning,” Michael speculated, although he noted that Pat’s comments were “friendly banter,” not a “warning” like it may have seemed.

Soon, Pat won’t have to worry about negative feedback from contestants since this is his 41st and final season on Wheel of Fortune.

Following Season 41 of Wheel of Fortune, Pat will retire. However, his trusty sidekick, Vanna White, has negotiated her contract, which has been extended for another few years. So Wheel of Fortune viewers can look forward to seeing her again, albeit with a new co-host, Ryan Seacrest, beginning in Season 42.

Wheel of Fortune airs weeknights on ABC.

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4 months ago

My mom and I watched Wheel of Fortune all the time up until she passed away miss her a the wheel ! Be blessed and enjoy your future Mr. Pat Sajak!!!!!