Pastor Wilson trends again after fake ‘response’ video by ‘Cussing Pastor’ Thaddeus Matthews

Pastor Wilson and 'The Cussing Pastor' Thaddeus Matthews
Pastor David Wilson, left, and, right, ‘The Cussing Pastor’ Thaddeus Matthews. Pic credit: Pastor Wilson/The Cussing Pastor

“Pastor Wilson” was trending on Twitter AGAIN last night — after talk show and radio host Thaddeus Matthews, known as The Cussing Pastor, filmed a joke response pretending to be Texas pastor David E. Wilson.

The fake “response” footage came after a video allegedly showing Pastor Wilson carrying out a NSFW act went viral on Thursday night.

In the new clip, Thaddeus Matthews films himself pretending to be Pastor Wilson in the aftermath of the video — which showed a man claimed to be Wilson getting very intimate with a woman.

The Cussing Pastor asks in his fake response clip, “You have an issue with me being on a picture with a beautiful black woman?”. He then explains — in explicit terms — how he loves women and is “a real man”.

Many people on Twitter ended up BELIEVING that Thaddeus Matthews was in fact David Wilson, who is a Senior Pastor at BibleWay Ministries & World Out Reach, Inc. in Texarcana, Texas.

However, others pointed out that the two men were clearly not the same person.

Thaddeus Matthews himself also posted a message on his Instagram clearing up the confusion.

“Pastor Wilson” started trending on Thursday when the original video went viral.

Twitter went wild and was flooded with memes, with the uncensored video being shared hundreds of thousands of times.

A family member of the pastor has since said that they don’t know if the video is real and that they believed that whoever was spreading it was trying to become famous off of the pastor’s name.

Thousands of comments about the video have been made on the Facebook page of Wilson’s son and his wife has received many comments as well.

Meanwhile, the daughter of another Pastor David E. Wilson, out of Dallas, which is 200 miles west of Texarkana, has gone on Facebook to let people know that her father is not THAT Pastor Wilson.

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