Paris Jackson shows off abs in lace-up corset

Paris Jackson's face.
Paris Jackson in West Hollywood. Pic credit: ©

There’s so much more to Paris Jackson than the well-known fact that she is Michael Jackson’s stunning daughter.

She’s created an impressive reputation for herself in the world of fashion and beauty as she’s gotten older. She’s also been making waves in the music industry.

In fact, Paris has accumulated over 4 million followers on Instagram so far — and her number of followers is consistently growing.

One of the reasons why Paris is so popular is the fact that she knows how to dress, knows how to style her hair, and knows how to apply perfect makeup.

There’s nothing mysterious about the fact that Paris is going to continue thriving as a bona fide fashionista and singer if she chooses to continue dressing up in trendy outfits while dropping new music.

The latest outfit she wore in an Instagram Story is gorgeous enough to make anyone stop and stare.

Paris Jackson stuns in a lace-up corset

While promoting her new single “Just You,“ which will be released during the fall season, Paris wore a super sexy outfit. The lace-up corset top was white with shiny string threaded down the center, resulting in a bow at the bottom.

Paris’ toned abs were easy to see. On her bottom half, Paris wore a pair of dark green pants that seemed to be held up by a thin black string for a belt.

A white corset on Paris Jackson.
Paris Jackson wearing white corset. Pic credit: @parisjackson/Instagram

Underneath the white corset, she wore a black long-sleeved shirt with holes for her thumbs to push through.

Paris went all out with jewelry rocking rings of different shapes and sizes on almost every single finger. On her nose, she wore piercings over both nostrils. She also had a pink ribbon tied around her wrist.

Paris wore her blonde hair parted in the middle with her dark roots showing at the top and lighter strands of hair flowing towards the bottom.

Her makeup was on point with tinted eyebrows, mascara, eyeshadow, brown lipstick, and highlighter.

Paris Jackson looks like an angel in all-white

In another series of photos Paris posted during the spring, she looked totally angelic in an all-white outfit.

She snapped a few stunning selfies in a white tank top with thin straps, a white cardigan, and a pair of simple white shorts.

The tank top was short enough to reveal her flat stomach, once again. The shorts stopped high enough to show off some of her thighs.

She posed for the flirtatious pictures with her cat on her belly, accessorizing with one necklace, several rings, her usual nose piercing, and minimal makeup.

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